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Killington's Best Bootfitter

Killington, Vermont
Northern Ski Works
Bootfitter's Names: Hal & Chip


Hal is in the picture...
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Don't buy boots in PA

Oh, and somebody asked about bootfitters in PA...

I can't speak for Western PA, but don't buy boots in Eastern PA. They don't know what bootfitting is...

Spend the time to get to a shop that has some guys with some knowledge. Check out the ski mags for lists...

I made the mistake of buying my first pair of boots in PA. They were ok to begin with, but after getting fitted by Hal at Northern, I was amazed at how much faster I improved...

Also... Buy custom footbeds. Worth the price.

Good boots are everything!
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Anyone know of a good bootfitter in Connecticut or North Carolina?
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The shop is called Summit, they have everything up to the race and occasionally plug range, but they are very overpriced, and the bootfitters are marginally competent.
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chris719, where do you ski? Could you get fit there, instead?
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I'm probably going to drive up to GMOL or another place in VT I think.
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Good idea!
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In New Hampshire

Dan Lewis of Stan and Dan's Sport in North Conway is terrific. If you live in the region, def see Dan. Brands carried: Nordica, Technica, Atomic, Krypton, Lange and a few odds and ends. Dan does excellent boot mods and custom work.
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hello I would like to add a bootfitter in North Carolina to the list.His name is Mark Russ at Ski Country Sports in Banner Elk,at the entrance to Sugar Mountain.
He did a wonderful job fitting my wife and me in our boots.I got a pair of Nordica Speedmachines and I love them!(I will write a separate review).But the real job was fitting my wife who has an artificial leg on one side and a half a foot on the other.He took one look and went straight to a new pair of Head boots that he was able to fit and adjust to her and the end result was she finally had a pair of boots that fit her perfectly.She said in 35 years of skiing she had never had a pair of boots fit her that well.Mark was kind,patient,and very knowledgable and I would recommend him to anyone.Thank you
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Originally Posted by chris719
I'm probably going to drive up to GMOL or another place in VT I think.
Did you get boots yet? I just got my 4th pair from Shon at Northern Ski Works in Ludlow VT near Okemo. He is without a doubt one of the top fitters in the northest. You would be hard pressed to fine someone better. If you saw my son's feet you would know why. How Shon get's him into a boot 3 sizes smaller then his shoes, and he has no complaints out his boots, say's alot.
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Bootfitter's Name: Tom Favro
Store Name: Northern Ski Works
Store Address: Killington Access Road, Killington, VT USA
Phone Number: 802 422-9675
Additional Comments:

Superb bootfitter with decades of experience with recreational skiers to racers. Masterful with the high-tech tools of the trade. Willing to listen and adapt your boot to your feet if necessary. Also willing to tell you up front if your boot is the wrong type for your feet and/or skiing preference. My boots have never fit so well for so many years with only minor tweaking...

Give him a call and set up an appointment. You will be impressed.
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Fitter; Frank MacConnell
Skinner Ski Shop
Mt. Sunapee
New Hampshire
603 763 2303

Frank is a great guy with an eye for detail. Frank has been in the bizz for over twenty years. He was a US Ski Team coach for a couple of years. He coached both Puckett Brothers in thier younger years. He ran or has been involved with the Sunapee Race Programs for the last 16 years. He stands behind all his product and fit work. There is a seperate room for fitting so you get all attention during the fit session. I find this important because shops can get busy and folks get distracted. He carrys Rossi, Tecnica, Lange and now handles all the Nordica race equipment for the area.
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I was very impressed with the work done last year on my boots by Brian (can't remember the surname) in Fernie, BC. His place is called something like Top Shelf and it's in the Timberline Lodge just below the resort.
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Another plug for Earl Middlemiss at the Sportloft in SLC. I will certainly plan a trip to Utah the next time I need new boots. Very precise work, extremely knowledgeable. I'm surprised he's not been more hyped here.
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Anyone notice that there's only one woman mentioned in the list above?
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Bootfitter: Billy Kaplan
Store: Langhorne Ski and Sport
Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-295-4240
Comments: I have been fit in some of the most respected and well-known ski/boot shops in the country, but none compares with Billy Kaplan. Although located in the Philadelphia suburbs, Billy's knowledge as a certified pedorthist and bootfitter is unmatched in my experience at any of the world class resorts I have visited. I am a physician, and can recommend Billy for his knowledge of anatomy, physiology, as well as ski equipment and technique. This knowledge base, which includes experience on the World Cup circuit, coupled with a true caring for his clients, makes Billy Kaplan the best bootfitting expert I have come across.
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any good bootfitters in the Chicagoland, IL area?
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southern nh boot fitter

i'd like to add that i had problems with a fit of my boot and went to SKi Haus in salem, nh. steve and billy did a ton of work, and fixed a problem i'd had forever. if you live anywhere close to salem, nh, you need to bring your boots to either steve or billy at ski haus.
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San Diego Master Boot Fitters

I just bought the best pair of boots I've ever owned from Ranch Craft Ski in San Diego. I went in to see Bryan and spent about an hour and a half getting fit. He started with an exam of my foot and identified that many of my previous boot problems came from a need for an orthotic. I had a pair of Superfeet Custom Corks molded to my feet and proceeded to try on boots. I went with the Nordica SpeedMachine 14. With the corks and the heat molded liners they feel like no boots I've ever had.
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I want to second MaxCapacity's endorsement for Shon Racicot @ Northern Ski Works in Ludlow, VT. The man does beautiful work no matter how ugly the "canvas" may be! 5 days before a trip to Vail a few years ago, I cracked the instep on a pair of 5 year old Tecnica Explosions. Needless to say I was horrified at the thought of breaking in new boots while on vacation...Shon & Co. did an awesome job of fitting me to my new Icon Alu's. I wore them in the office for a day or two, then hit the snow pain free and in perfect alignment.

He's acutely aware of the reputation of the store as well, so you can be assured that all the bootfitters at Northern are highly trained.
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Another Plug for Frank Macconnell

I want to add to Fit/Fix guys recommendation of Frank MacConnell at Bob Skinners in Sunappe NH. We recently spent three hours with Frank (and Bill) for my son. The service was outstanding from the initial analysis of ankle flexion, his old boots, pronation issues etc. right through actual boot fitting. We had custom footbeds made and decided we needed new boots as well. Tried many and ended up with Tecnica Diablo Race pro 130s (yes I know the opinions voiced here on these boots) Those particular boots fit my son's foot shape well. Bill did great work grinding out the toe areas and other hot spots and with the stance analysis/setup. I should say we came into the shop with Langes in a shell size of 332 MM and left with the Diablos in 319mm. (he wears an 11.5 street shoe and we bought the Langes while his foot was supposedly still growing) The fit is snug, but not uncomfortable. Frank and Bill always had a smile on their face no matter how many times we had those boots on and off and no matter how many customers were in the shop. They reset all of our race bindings to the new boot size no charge, and considering the service we received, the total price was outstanding. My son can't wait to start racing!
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If you are in the Mount Snow / West Dover / Deerfield Valley area, hands down the best bootfitter is Mark Mancini. He seems to work someplace differently each year, but this year (2005/2006) he's working at World Class Ski Experts on Rt. 100 across from the 7-Eleven (formerly the Grampy's, formerly the Christy's). 802-464-8852.

For a proper race boot fit, consider John Feig at Canyon Sports Therapy in Salt Lake City. 801-944-1209
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In Ohio, I highly recommend Pierre. You can find his posts in the EpicSki technique and instruction forum. PM him.
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Another vote for Billy Kaplan

Bootfitter: Billy Kaplan
Store: Langhorne Ski and Sport
Langhorne, Pennsylvania
Phone: 1800-283-2370

Email: cantman@speakeasy.net
*Call for appointment

I have been reading these forums for a while now, thanks for all the great info.

Billy was recommended to me by friends on the Rutgers ski team (I am not on the ski team). I have never had a ski boot that even came close to being comfortable. I have "blocky" feet, and at the pinky toe my right foot is a good bit wider than the left foot. Billy worked with me for over 2.5 hours to select and fit my boots and they felt better in the shop than any other pair had even after wearing them all season. Everything nipn’tuckski said is right on the money. Billy is a super nice stand up guy that actually cares about getting the job done right and will take the time to make sure you are happy. While I was getting my boots fit Billy's next appointment came in and I had the opportunity to talk with him. He said, “when it comes to boot fitting Billy walks on water, I don't know how he does what he does but its magic" and I would have to agree, it is really a neat feeling the first time you buckle on a boot that really fits.

*edit for spelling
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Let me add to the list
Keith Holmquist
TELE 518-263-5303

Went way past customer service on my boots and after spendind alot of time ot the shop can say he is a good hearted man and a boot fitting pro.
Wont push product and at a minimal price will fix your old boots.
Custom foot beds and bootfitting in about and hour.
Need to make appointments on week days..
weekends first come first serve.

Tell him Pat Guido sent ya
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Squaw Valley expert boot fitter

Bootfitter's Name: Gunnar
Store Name: Granite Chief
Store Address: The Village at Squaw Valley
Phone Number: 530.583.2832
Additional Comments: Call for an appointment

Based on the recommendations of several posters, I made a stop for new footbeds and an alignment check with Gunnar at Granite Chief. The guy is amazing. Not only does his experience go all the way back to building boots for Tamara McKinney, but he built the now famous boots for Julia Mancuso that chased her around the world before they caught up with her in time to win gold at the Olympics. He has several footbed options, including a low volume one that works well in plug and semi-plug boots. He has also developed a great system for fine tuning alignment to get you perfectly flat on your skis. I highly recommend that anyone who skis in the Tahoe area should make an appointment to see him.
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Bootfitter's Name: Tom Gabrielse (Part time guy Jon Doyal great also) (Others in shop are top notch as well)
Store Name: Snowcrest Ski Center
Store Address: 13352 South Cicero Ave., Crestwood, IL (Chicago South Suburb) 60455
Phone Number: 708-389-4963
Additional Comments: www.snowcrst.com - Great store if you want great advice in a no nonsense, ski your legs off approach. Also run a top-shelf camp each year just after Thanksgiving. Well worth it! Better customer service than any other shop in Chicago-land based on my personal experiences. Owner also the only owner in Chicago area that I know of who tests gear for magazine buyers guide issues (Ski Press). Hard goods staff are all instructors and not just techies.
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Any good customer boot service in the New York City Area??? Driving within a hour is OK. I know that Princeton ski suck at it
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looking for a bootfitter/ alignment specialist in coeur d'alene or spokane area any ideas or do i have to go to seattle. i have concerns about my alignment because of previous knee damage and missing meniscus
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This past January I had some boot adjustments made by Jeremy at Ski Tek in Ketchum, ID. Incredible work, highly recommended.
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