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'03/04 F9000Ti 26.5

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Modifications to shells: some fasteners replaced with stainless. Ez-insertion sliding spoiler removed (will provide).

Modifications to liners: Heel pocket deepened, tongues shaved, tongue-centering elastic removed (gets you more instep room).

Play with an adducted stance for cheap. It didn't work for me, it might for you.

Short mounting distance, 299mm IIRC.

$hipping from 20817.
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F9000Ti 26.5

I'll take them
what will the shipping cost?
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PM sent
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Do pitchers count as 'handling'?

Notice boot cuffs set for -very- wide stance:

Notice heel of liner ground here, to get a deeper heel pocket:

Notice tongue ground, and liner closure webbing removed to gain instep room:

Click on pix for a closer view. Beer not included.
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im intrested,
will you ship to aus? and would they take a 27 liner
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PM sent
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Spoken for.

Apologies for not making that clear sooner.

For the record: they did -not- take my Atomic 11:50 Skinfoam liners in 27 without considerable bunching. I would have had to really thin the tongue on those.
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