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Atomic SX 9 VS Volkl Supersport 5 Star...which is better?

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I just bent my 4 year old Volkl Platinum 193's (which I loved in all terrain) and am looking at these two as options. I ski in the east, am a strong expert and like to ski fast and aggressively all types of terrain and conditions...steeps, trees, bumps, high speed groomed, ice, crud, powder when it's there, corn etc... Looking to go into 175-180 length and looking for versatility. I don't need a superstar in deep snow as I do ski the East on mainly hardpack.
Who's skiied these two and which is a better all around ski?

I tried the Atomic SX11 in both 170 & 180 earlier this year and although it ripped on the groomed I felt it was too stiff for the all around type of skiing I do.
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How did you bend your Volkls?
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[quote]Originally posted by Scalce:
How did you bend your Volkls?[/QUOTE

Hit a rock while skiing some bumps in the woods
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I haven't skied the SX9, but I think the 5 star is pretty similar, in terms of stiffness, to the SX11. As an all around ski, you should check out the AX3 if you're a Volkl fan.
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Volkl AX3 is gone for a reason, there's really no point to having a ski of its dimensions anymore.

Most people ski the G3/AX3 short, so theres really no difference in float between an AX3 and a 5 or 6 star. 2 mm difference in the waist isn't even noticeable. The 5 and 6 star handle hardpack better, so theres really not much point to the AX3 anymore.

If if want a ski that handles noticeably better off-road than a 5/6 star, step up to the 724 EXP (74 mm waist) or 724 Pro (77 mm waist). Even these two skis are relatively narrow for off-piste skiing, but they're at least a noticeable step up from the 5/6 star shape.

FYI, this is also the reason the Atomic R11 is gone next year. It doesn't have the width to be a good off-piste ski, and the SX series is better on hardpack. The difference between a 170 R11 and a 170 SX11 off-piste really isn't that much, whereas the SX handles hardpack much better.

I firmly believe that we're heading toward 3 main types of skis in the future: 'Cross skis with 68-70mm waists, Midfats with 77-83 mm waists, and Fats over 90mm.

As for the difference between the SX and 5star - you need to demo. They both have different feels. I much prefer the Volkl feel over Atomic. Volkl's feel heavier, less twitchy, more damp (yet still have a ton of energy when you work it). Volkl's typically have less flared tails that allow more turn exit versatility IMO. I personally hate how Atomic has a ton of shape in the tails of their skis. Lots of shape in the tail is great for high speed carves on groomers where you want to really hook up and carve out the bottom of the turn, but its a major liability in bumps and steeps (again IMO).
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I don't know much about the Atomics, but I skied on the Volkl 5 stars. Like you, my previous skis were Volkl P40 platinums. The 5 stars are a step up from the platinums. Ice hold in the 5 stars is significantly better than the old platinums. I liked the platinums in the bumps because they were quick edge to edge, but overall I like the 5 stars in bumps better. The 5 stars are a tad slower edge to edge, but more than makes up for it in stability and precision. However, ski them short as they are designed to be skied short.
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