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28.0 or 28.5

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Based on previous experimentation, I ordered Salomon Xwave 9.0 boots in 28.0 and 28.5, with the plan of returning one pair. As we discussed in another topic, both sizes have the same exact shell and the same exact footbed, but the 28.0 has extra padding in the liner (above the forefoot to be exact) to take up some volume. This has all been verified by examining the boots. The shell fit is perfect for me (about 1.5 fingers behind the foot).

Both fit well. The 28.0 is a bit snugger, but not by much. With the extra padding, however, it feels a little lumpier on top (while the 28.5 feel roomier, but firmer in the same area). Obviously both will pack out, and the packing in both will ultimately be limited by the shell in the end. What size would you choose in this situation? I am inclined to go 28.0 because it has some extra padding above the foot to offset packing out, but at the same time, the 28.5 may pack out a bit less in the same area, because the liner is already firm and against the shell. I expect both liners to pack out the same elsewhere around the foot, because they are the same everywhere else. So the dilemma here is that I know too much and can overthink the situation!!

Thoughts? What size would you choose?

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Pick the ones that feel too tight!
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Hey Craig - we meet again! Well... as much as I hate to say it - if it were me - Id go for the tighter 28. You mentioned in another thread where you purchased them and in the back of my mind I was wondering/hoping you would return the 28. As mentioned before, I was fitted in a 28.5 and although it fit very snug, I would not hesitate to go for the 28 and let it pack out... should be better in the long run.
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If they "fit well" and are comfortable they don't fit IMO. What size street shoe do you wear?

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Agreed but if you fit a 27.5 you might as well go for the 27 same shell !!!

small is better
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Sounds like the 28.0 to me.
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27.5 and a little tweaking.
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You had the right idea for your "experiment", but you chose the wrong candidate pair for testing. You should have picked up 2 different shell sizes - not 2 different liner sizes. There's really no point to the half sizes in liners when the shell sizes increment at each full size.

You really need to test the shell fit of the next size down and more than likely it will be the higher performance fit. It all depends on what you want from your boot and what level skier you are. My Flexons are a 1 finger fit, but remember that the shell length is just part of the issue. You also should check the overall match of the last to your foot shape - a tight shell lengthwise is worthless if there's to much width in certain areas.
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I had already shell fit the 28.0/28.5 locally with a 28.5 boot. Unfortunately the shop did not have a 28.0 to try, just 28.5, so I did not get a chance to do a liner fit comparison. They also had a 27.5, but I could barely get my foot in the shell and I could not flatten my foot out once inside -- so that was definitely too small -- not even close to being a possibility. I have about 1-1.5 fingers in the 28/28.5 shell, so the only last issue to work out is which size (which liner) is the best option.
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Originally Posted by Moods

If they "fit well" and are comfortable they don't fit IMO. What size street shoe do you wear?


I wear 11.5 in street shoes.
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