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Gear Regrets 05-06

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I bought too much gear this gear...Yes, I know..but its true.

My regrets...

The Ski..yes they are cool to have, but I have no need for them. Back "For Sale" in the fall.

Volant FB's..yes a great price and it is always good to have a powder ski around, but these suckers are damn heavy. Sold them.

Lightning "Sweet Daddys", Awesome looking wooden skis. Broke them in ONE run. sent them back and they replaced them, I should have gotten my $$ back. I jsut now have some very pretty wall hangings

06 Neox 412's..Yes, they are lighter, but no difference when skiing

$7.50 Atomic M9. Awesome deal concidering that i got it's mate for free...but they cost me another pair of bindings, I used the 05 Neox's that I replaced with the 06's on my M11's. Why do I regret this one? I never skied the suckers...my Father in Law is skiing them! :

New poles for my wife...This was stupid on my part...I didn't pack her poles one day. $100.00 for poles that she already had.

Volkl 724 Pro's..I had my brand new M11 B5's with me, but I was too chicken to mount them up because I MIGHT swap them out next season and I didn't want to risk "depreciating" them.

Buying 2 pair of boots for my wife becasue the auctions were ending at the same exact time and I didn't want to miss them. My niece took the other pair..like the M9's..I will never see the $$

Not buying the M:EX's on Steep and Cheap...217...217 keeps running through my head. Maybe I should "play that number".

for the $$ I spent, i could have booked a quick weekend out west.

Anyone else have any regrets this season?
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I bought some M:EX's a couple of weeks ago & skied them in France last week. My regret is that I should have bought them at the end of last season so I've missed out on using them in great powder in Kitzbuhel over Christmas & at ESA. Mind you, they wouldn't have been as cheap last year.
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Regrets, let's see:
$300 Dynastar 8000s w/Looks like new...nope
$225 Karmas.....nope
$99 K2 Enemys for son...nope
$50 Rossi bindings from REI closeouts...nope

Sorry Phil, can't relate.

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I have no geer regrets this year.
I bought new boots...needed them though
I won some Goode poles.

Everything else was from last season (or other seasons) this year and worked just fine.

I actually skied my Rossi Bandit x's more than my Volkl 6 stars this year.
It was nice for a change. They are longer and more forgiving and I have had a foot problem, so the match worked.
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Regrets, I've had a few, but I did it My Way! I don't think Frank Sinatra skied, but I think he once owned a house at Beaver Creek along the golf course. Great post. I got a great deal on the FB's too, but haven't really skied them. Hauling them out to Colorado in April, but you said it, they are heavy and how much utility can a Pa. based skier get from this ski.
I think I like my new 18 meter SXB5's, but the short 12 meter Metron sidecut is addicting. I took the bindings off the Metrons and put them on the SXB5's. I just got a pair of Neox 412's for the old Metrons. Got the bindings off ebay for $95 so didn't spend too much. But I shouldn't have bought the SXB5'S if I'm going to ski the Metron's again.

I coming to the conclusion for me maybe 14 meter turning radius is the most desirable. Probably taking some skis next fall to the tent sale at the local ski shop and see if I can raise some cash to buy something else. I still have a pair of K2 XP's that I rarely ski. I really liked that ski, and probably should have kept skiing it instead of getting the SX'S and the FB's
What the he__, golf season is upon us now and at least I can fairly control myself regarding golf equipment purchases.
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Missed Odyssey E-Max on closeout summer '05 and the M:ex, now I have a hankering for low-80s waist and Machete Sins on watch lists.

Made swiss cheese out of the MO2s then went and got new boots to do it all over again. (After I missed the M666 sale).

(MO2.2 could fill both those slots, but, oh the Stocklis were -sweet-)

This was stupid on my part . . . Didn't put rubber slalom strips on top the Ogasakas until after a snowboarder decided to peel off the top of the sidewalls.

Dakine Heli Pack: Didn't need another shovel-capable pack; it -can- carry my boots but not in an airline-approved form factor so I'm still shopping for a mid-30l to 40l pack like the Head Monster.

Missed a NEW pair of system Alpina Telelites for less than $100.

Demoed just enough to make myself thoroughly confused as to what I like in a sub-14m radius ski.
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Originally Posted by stevesmith7

Sorry Phil, can't relate.

Don't get me wrong..there is a lot of gear I bought that I DON'T regret
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M:EX for $215!!!! Darn, I missed that one. Forced to go to Hawaii and wasn't checking my daily steep and cheap. One more reason to avoid Hawaii.
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Last summer i found a pair of Atomic Race Tech Soft boots IN MY SIZE and i did not buy them. BUT they were expensive.

I bought a pair of Lange RL11 with a VERY HIGH INSTEP. Did not listen to Jeff Bergeron. The worst choice for my low instep. At least the lines are good and can be used with another boot.

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Hi Phil,

I purchased;

Three new skis for me,
Fisher WC RC, luv 'em
Dynastar Intuitive 74, very nice, but should have gone wider
Head iXRC, redundant to the WC RC, sold 'em for a profit
Salomon Course 130, fitted by the GMOL, best boots yet

One ski for son,
Fischer RX8, we luv 'em

Two skis for daughter #1
Atomic SL9'12 race stock, has not skied 'em yet
Fischer Big Stix 7.2, nice all-mountain cruiser

Two skis for daughter #2
Atomic GS9 race, luvs 'em
Fischer Big Stix 7.2, nice all-mountain cruiser, but likes the Atomic 10X more

Spent less than $2000 total for all new-old-stock closeouts, or about $225 each, including bindings.

Regrets? Yes, that i didn't ski much this year.


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168cm Gotamas - Interesting experiment seeing how a short fat ski would work. They were a blast but not worth tying up that good a ski for taking out a couple times each year. My daughter has them now and loves them.

180cm Fischer BigStix 8.0 - This is the best all-around twin tip I've skied so far. They carve better than any of the twins with waists around 80mm that I've tried yet do amazingly well in powder. Unfortunately, I got them for screwing around in crud and their edge hold is too good for slopping around through crud filled moguls. I would have been better of with last year's 1080s for that task.
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I am improving -- no equipment regrets this year. Well, maybe I could have bought some gear earlier in the season to enjoy it more, but otherwise no issues. I think I have learned well from prior experience!

Now, the downside is that I have new boots, new jackets, and three pairs of skis that can cover the whole spectrum of skiing I will ever encounter (started the season with one pair). I have no excuse to buy more gear next season!! (well, maybe pants). So that WILL be a regret. I have a hard time passing up deals.... Maybe I can act as a buying agent for someone else!
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Dear gear,

I'm sorry about all the nasty things I put you through
I'm sorry I didn't feel bad I did it
I'm sorry I didn't take you out more
I'm sorry you can't be in powder every day
I'm sorry it's cold sometimes
I'm sorry you have to be put away soon
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Well I have to admit I sort of regret buying the 180 Chubbs last fall, I paid too much, and though I had some real fun skiing them, after I improved my skills, and when my speed increased they began to feel a bit too soft.

I have yet to remount my Ti Chubbs, but they are for after my '01s are shot, so there's no hurry.

I do regret not being more specific in my inquiries about the Hucksters I bought, because I thought that since they'd been mounted with Salomon's to my boot size that I'd be able to screw in some bindings I already had. Well it wasn't to be, as the Salomon's they'd been mounted with were some sort of demos I guess, the holes didn't match, and the Huckster's will have to wait for next season. They were a good deal though.
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My biggest regret is that I finally committed to getting my own gear, did my due diligence, jumped through all the requisite hoops, pulled all the threads together to dial in the gear so that I could REALLY begin to enjoy skiing the way it should be enjoyed.....

......and it's APRIL!!!!!!!

It's like realizing it's football season in December.
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T PowerPulsion Rossi Slalom ski--New Old Stock--$249: No regrets

Head 77chip (actually bought end of last season from Dawgcatching didn't really use much until this year: No regrets.

A new pair of Atomic B11 boots (with Intuition Liners)-just breaking them in: the jury is still out on the regrets...I'll let you know after a bit more time in them.

Nordica Beast 10 for my daughter: no regrets

Two 2005/6 ASC All-East passes (Excellent Value): No regrets

Two 2006/7 ASC All-Eact passes for next year (already purchased-prices going up again May 1st): No regrets
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I bought a used pair of P60 GS for $350 cdn in perfect shape. The price was great but the skis are so so! I should have spent a little more on something I really wanted...

I bought a used pair of P60 SL for $500. I paid too much and bent the skis halfway through the season and had to buy a new pair.

One thing I DON'T regret is buying my friend's old Rossi plug boots for $20. Although they are now cracked in multiple spots, they have more than done the trick...
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I bought a used pair of P60 GS for $350 cdn in perfect shape. The price was great but the skis are so so! I should have spent a little more on something I really wanted...

I bought a used pair of P60 SL for $500. I paid too much and bent the skis halfway through the season and had to buy a new pair.

One thing I DON'T regret is buying my friend's old Rossi plug boots for $20. Although they are now cracked in multiple spots, they have more than done the trick...
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I try to keep reminding myself that part of my personal "fun" in skiing is the pursuit and acquisition of great gear. Unfortunately for every "winner" there seems to be 2 or 3 "losers" in my string of purchases.

Dalbello Kryptons - still not dialed-in, but I don't think it's the shells or the liners (ZipFits) at this point. It's the darn footbeds - I need new ones built specifically to work with these boots.

Elan S12 - great ski, but I have absolutely no need for a front-side groomer ski anymore. I got so caught up in wanting to replace my old Volkl 5-Stars that I didn't realize how much gear and my own skiing had changed in the past 3 seasons. No idea what I'm going to do with them now.

Elan M666 - luckily I was able to get rid of these and trade them for the M999 (and they still haven't seen snow yet! - I totally jinxed the rest of our season by buying fat powder skis).

Volant Machete Soul (2 pairs!) - once again I have no need for a ski this narrow, but they were cheap. One pair hasn't been on snow, but they are mounted - probably will sell them at the beginning of next season.

3 Pairs of Flexons for my wife (that are too big for her!) - I was led astray by a short-lasted liner fit and thought my wife would be better off with the more "comfortable" fit. Boy was I wrong. Got her in a good Thermoflex liner with the 4th Flexon purchase (a shell size smaller) and all is good. Now I've got 3 pairs of women's Flexons to unload.

So now that I think I know exactly what I need to do to thin out my herd of gear, it's the end of the season and a bad time to try to unload it. I'll be busy on eBay in the Fall.
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no regrets so far...

bought beast 10 boots for my daughter, she likes 'em
bought her k2 apache's on sac, my deal of the century...$250 w/bindings
bought new ski pants on ebay, perfect for the warmer sierra
bought new spy goggles on sac, i love them, my wife doesn't like the mirror

and i'm very, very close to pulling the trigger on ac4's with at motion...found 'em new both locally and online (legit ski shop closing out this year's gear) for $600. am i crazy to try to get them a tad cheaper or will i regret it if they sell out???
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
New poles for my wife...This was stupid on my part...I didn't pack her poles one day. $100.00 for poles that she already had.
I never before forgot to pack my poles, until this season...when I have now done it TWICE!?! I ended up with kids poles the second time since I refused to pay a ridiculous price for something I already had a second time.
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Great thread idea!

Regret 1: Sold my 6*, full of complaints about the binding interface, bought RX8's. Which are a major whoop, but my body misses the stability of those Volkls by the first run after lunch. Grass is ALWAYS greener...

Regret 2: Impulsively sold pair of unmounted Legend 8000's purchased for like $450, spent the rest of the season demoing for something better. Would have fewer $ to just enjoy them and wait a year. Consumer patience is not one of my virtues...

Regret 3: Sold my wife's perfectly good, lightly used, 02 Vertigo Motions ("Don't worry, honey, I'll get you something new, and way better"), and now I have to deliver. Nor is keeping my mouth shut...
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I bought a ton of new gear this year, far than any previous season. Almost all of it has been excellent. But..

I got a great deal on a pair of last year's SX 11s back in December, and I haven't skied them yet.

I bought too much misc. clothing - underwear, sweaters, etc.

Hm. That's all I can think of.
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No Regrets

I do wish I had put a little more away before working ended. There Is one more pair of Skis out there I would like to have.

So no Heli sking in AK, and a pair of skis missed. Somthing to do next year!

And oh, I skied the 4th of July, I skied in September, and then full swing starting November. Did my season ever end? Will this one?
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Regrets- I missed a pair of Legend 4800's for $150. new, unmounted

Scores- A nice almost new pair of Zebra base Chubbs + a lot of x-country gear gotten on the cheap (bc 1550 boots for $59.00) Madshus Lillliehammer's for $70. bc bindings for $25.
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Bought a pair of SX7's for a little over a hundred bucks-total waste of money. I could have spent twice that and gotten Volk allstars.
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Ya, I have a big one. Selling my ax3's! Figured that because I owned the pro's I wouldn't miss the ax3's. Big mistake. Those skis are freaking awesome and I miss them more than my ex-girlfriend.
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My biggest regret was not finding this site 2 years ago! I could have avoided mistakes like buying 180cm Atomic Mega CarvX 5.24s a couple of seasons ago. Little did I know, they were pretty well obsolete when I bought them. I regret buying Solomon Performa 8.0 boots, a size too large it turned out. Too soft, and too large. I somewhat regret buying my Atomic C9:18 180s...I'd have preferred the 170, but couldn't find it. In hindsight, it has made me a better skiier. I would have outgrown the 170 in a hurry, and the longer ski made me be more technique aware.

Since finding the bears, gear bought this season...

Atomic M9 171 (actually got out and demoed some skis before coming to that conclusion. Love them, but I'd have been happy with the Recon, AC4, or the AC3. I just had such a good time on the M9. The shortest radius I had been on before them was 18m. 13.5 felt like a F1 car by comparison. Really nimble)

Dalbello Avanti V9 (fits beautifully, stiff enough, yet soft enough in the right places. Custom footbed carry-overs from the Sollies fit like a glove)

North Face Free Thinker jacket (didn't buy this one...a gift. No way my cheap ass is spending $500 on a jacket. Keeps me warm, keeps me dry, tons of pockets, the chest pockets will fit a pair of goves (or a 20oz bottle of water) in each, just a great jacket)
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Daily Steep and Cheap, where and how do I get on that LIST!
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Originally Posted by spielerman
Daily Steep and Cheap, where and how do I get on that LIST!
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