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Neox Boot Center Mark?

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I have some new skis with Neox 310s that appear to be mounted right. My boots are 324mm and the bindings are set with 32 showing on one side and 33 showing on the other side of the little cover. It's the piece that can face either "central" or "forward". I've read dozens of posts on Epic and everything seems to be in order, but when I put my boot in the binding the center point on my boot is about 2cm behind the central screw and a raised mark on the side of the plate referred to above. I really do not know if the screw or the mark are intended to be set in the center of the boot but it seems logical that they should be.

I've read the "eye chart" that Atomic furnishes with the bindings and can not find anything about center of boot placement. For a 58 year old it's real challenge. Even the stuff I can read is confusing so it may be there - somewhere.

Does anyone know where the center of the boot should be relative to the center screw and the mark on the plastic plate?
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steveturner, The centre of the screw will be in front of the mid-sole mark on your boot. I think that you might be confusing the ski's centre indicator mark on the rail base plate with the two marks to the side of the grey 'switch piece' (the bit that points to either the 'forward' or 'central' position). The two marks (actually one's a notch & the other's a raised line) to the side of the switch piece are there to show you where to align the boot length scales, for either the forward or central position, as when the switch piece is removed you don't have the window for reference.

PM me your email address & I'll send you an instruction sheet & a series of pictures that I've taken showing how to adjust Neox bindings & the relative position of the boot mark etc.

Alternatively, can tell me how to post pics (there's nine of them) - I can email them to a moderator if necessary.
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steveturner, I've emailed you the pics etc.
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Boot center mark is there

First, the instructions that come with the Neox bindings, at least my '04/05 412's that I just got, are just awful. There are many mistakes, and about half of the reference designators in the mounting instructions refer to items not in the illustrations.

On the side of the toe piece base plate there is a little boot icon and an index mark, which I suspect is where the mid sole mark should end up, but it is not mentioned in the instructions or technical manual. In any event, other than the screw for center or forward position, I do not think there is any other way to adjust boot position on the ski once the binding is mounted.
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Originally Posted by jviss
......other than the screw for center or forward position, I do not think there is any other way to adjust boot position on the ski once the binding is mounted.
You are not limited to either the forward or central position as you can slide the bindings fore/aft to give virtually any balance position desired. However, when this is done the correct boot length numbers will no longer appear in the windows. Instead the boot length figures in the windows, when added together & divided by two, should equal your boot length.
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I just mounted a set of Neox 412 yesterday and I agree the directions leave alot to be desired. I spent about 15 minutes trying to slide the first toe piece forward with the AFD attached ( the AFD is assembled with the toe unit) until it dawned on me that I needed to take the AFD off. Toes unit slid right in.
I'm confused by the reference to establishing a mid point. As I see it, you can only choose one of two holes that would provide either the Forward or Center position. I adjusted my sole length with the same numers on each side of the white plastic window. Is this correct?
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roundturns, yes it is correct but there are also other options.

PM my your email address & I'll send you my pics & instructions.
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