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Ski Vise

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I'm looking to get a ski vise to make my tuning easier for myself. I've looked around and the swiss world cup seems to be the best value at 99 bucks. This seems pretty steep. I'm looking for an alternative. My skis have real sidewalls so I don't have to worry about the cap issue.

3 questions:

1.) What advantage is there for using the tip/tail supports in the 3 point vises as opposed to a coffee can that's the right height?

2.) Has anyone found a regular vise that would work as a center clamp for skis?

3.) Is there anyway of buying just the centerclamp of any of the 3 point vise systems?

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2 blocks of wood with tnat nonslip drawer liner work great for tips and tails. then an old boot or piece of wood cut to the shape of your boot sole to snap into the binding (then the brakes are out of the way) make this part into a "t" and clamp it to the bench.
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I use the Ski Man, which I think is the same as the Swiss. Working on side edges is much easier with a ski vise because the end supports have there own vises for extra stability. I usually production line several pair at a time and its much quicker if you don't have to mess with boot dumbies. It's a pretty good vise for the money.
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Second on a decent vise ; the Swix, Toko, Ski Man World Cup vise is good. You might have straight sidewalls on your current boards, but... Plus the spring loaded tip/tail supports can adjust quickly when waxing and the camber changes.
But there are plenty of ways to hold the skis for do it yourself, just make sure they are not skipping around as you work on them.

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Just so you know, I make ski vices in my spare time, which is little right now. It is similar to the Swix, but made of steel, and pretty robust in my opinion. I need to paint a few up, tack on a clamp etc... Anyway, if your interested, I will be selling some in upcoming months for less than what your seeing on the markets.
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I'm interested in a pair.
Can you hold a set for me, and I'll pick them up next time I'm in town...

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Will they work on Pocket Rockets.

Ya know if you do a search on Ebay for "Pocket Rocket" it returns to auctions for small vibrator sex toys.
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What began as a buddy and me being cheap, not wanting to drop a hundred or so bucks on a vice, became making vices for friends.

The vice that was designed was made to work with pretty much all ski types, even snowboards and tele. I've tuned narrow straight boards all the way up to the fattest pow ski in the garage. I could even "custom" make a set for somebody. These are made in my garage on a jig that we made for this purpose, but with lots of flexibility. Once summer dies down, I'll have a little free time on my hands, I'd be happy to post some pics of a set, and take an order or so. I'll post more later on the subject.
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thanks for the input guys.

Alta keep us updated.

I guess I don't understand what the end supports do? Is there some special function other than holding the ends up? What does the spring-loaded effect do?
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