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ATOMIC addiction

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Atomic addiction.

Looking for some kind knowledge: I’ve been on a pair of Atomic B Race 9.20 in 200cm for the last 2 seasons (downgraded to rock skis) & loved them (6’-3”, 200 lbs, Montana). Am contemplating a move on to a more crud/powder happy B Ride 10.20 or 11.20. Wondering if it’s going to be a good move or stay with the race? Trying to decide now for better price. Thanks tons to those who have had time to demo! Psychin - was snowed on while workin Sept 7!!
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Bob , I'm a bit heavier than you ( coming in at a svelt 217lbs.) and 5ft.10in. I was able to get the 11.20's out for 5-6 days last year but only in a 180cm (190 would be better for me) and found them to be a damn stable ride , feel the same fast or slow. They seem to stay in that middle ground when trying figure out if your on a GS or slalom ski. The 10.20 is a softer ski than last year but still a hot ski. Try the 10.ex it will surprise you how stable but quick it is.
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bob, the wider all mountain crud/pow skis have come long way in becoming more high performance so they cab stil carve well on hardpack, but are a lot more fun off the beaten trail. I think in MT you'll be happy moving in that direction.
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