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My first post: Question/opinion on bindings. My philosphy: plates and dampening devices are ok on GS types skies, particularly with metal--but a waste of money and add uneccessary weight on all others.

Here's the real question, I just bought a pair of Axis X (paid $560 which I thought was a good price) I skied the Mod X last year--thought it was great in soft snow/tight turns and only so-so on hard snow and at speed--but I want a soft snow resort ski.--So my question is: what binding? I weigh 155--and my inclination is to go with a no frill Salomon S810 Ti--its super light and the cost is under $200. But does any one think I should go with a heavier plate binding--maybe the ski tracks a little better--like the Marker Piston or the heavier Solomons with the energy tranfers. I think its a waste--Light is good. Any opinions.
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I would stick with that binding. I am a tech and have had no problems with the Axe+. My only other sugestion would be the power axe's, but then you add weight and cost. By the way, the axe+ have more lift than the power axe.
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The problem with lighter weight bindings and skis is that they are more prone to chatter and instability, especially at speed and in crud. Weight really shouldn't be a factor in your decision, unless you plan on doing extensive hiking in the backcountry where you need to carry your equipment. Then you want to go light.

Otherwise, I think you are better off making your decision based on features/performance rather than soley on weight. Markers, although heavy, offer some real nice features that can enhance the ski's performance, like their edge pressure system, select control and the piston dampener. This stuff works at improving the performance of your ski, offsetting any perceived benefit from weight savings.

And, with Marker Select Control, you can alter the flex characteristics of your ski, making it soft or stiff with the flip of a switch. <FONT size="1">

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Thanks for the response--follow up question: Does any one know/think whether plates or additional lift makes skiing bumps tougher?
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hi enquirer
welcome aboard.
here's a link that may give you more info than you are looking for..
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I don't believe that plates or lifters hinder bump skiing. My skis (Atomics) have a large lifter built onto it, and my bindings (also Atomic) have a substantial plate. Given the shape of the skis, this lift enhances performanced all over the mountain. I don't know that I'm a better bump skier for it, but I'm certainly not worse...
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Dude you haven't got a problem..... throw the S810's on them and ski your balls off!!!!
Let it snow
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Well if you do get the Salomon S810 i hope you dont have a fall were you fall straight backwards, because if you do the S810's wont release. As the toe doesnt release upwards. This isnt a common fall but it happened to me last year and my right knee paid the price. Most people here will say that they have fallen a bunch with no problem and there right, BUT if they have a fall were they get knocked backward (not your typicle fall)these wont release until there is some sidewards pressure on the toe peice. I did alot of research last year after my injury and came to the conclusion to replace my Salomons with LOOK Pivot bindings. But Atomic and Marker will also release upwards at the toe. LOOK Pivot 7 or 8's are light and have mounting close together to alow for good ski flex too.

I wasnt going to get into this binding discussion as there will be a differnt opinion from everyone you talk to, but i thought i would let you know what hapened to me with Salomon S810 bindings. Plus they were mounted on my Mod X ski in 181 length.

You should be able to get Pivot 7's for about $180 (3 to 10 din same as S810's) at local shop, $150 on internet.<FONT size="1">

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