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Spring skiing in Colorado

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What is the best combination of good terrain and party?

Looking at heading out there the weekend of 4/14 or 4/21. Right now Breckenridge and Winter park are on the list.

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Well you're gonna be awfully lonely at WP for the weekend of 4/21 - they'll be closed.
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Yeah, Winter park would be 4/14.
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What do you define as good terrain? Steeps? Bumps? Trees? Cruisers?

IMHO, it's hard to beat the vibe of the beach at the Basin. But that's just me. And you have to like gnarlier terrain to enjoy that place... the cruising is extremely limited.
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Utah beach at Mary Jane is a good time too - and you better like dogs!
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If you go out on the weekend of the 14th, go to Vail. Check the "Let's Go Colorado II" thread in the Meet & On the Hill Planning forum. You can get four days of lift tickets for $109 at Expedia and the Apollo Park lodge is giving some great rates. It's gonna be a great gathering.

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The mountain and Snowmass will be open until the 16th, but skiing will be good for weeks longer. Best coverage I've seen in years.

Highlands closes Sunday with over a 100" base. The bowl was deep yesterday.
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Someone had to ask about the best party in that time frame....I'm finding that depressing....

Read madmikes post and if you can find a better party than that , let me know and next Spring I'll go to that one !

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