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junior boots compared to the adult version

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I've been casually shopping around for some boots all season, and having trouble even finding something in my size. I wear size 6 street shoes, but size 6 boots (mondo women's 23) are a bit big, unfortunately stores rarely seem to stock anything smaller in a woman's size.
I've tried some 'kids' boots and they fit great, but I'm afraid they might not be 'enough boot' :
I'm 5'4" and approx 125-130 pounds - not quite kid size - also a pretty agressive skier.


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jinxie, if you pick up a kids' high-end boot (race, ideally), I think you'll be OK. This is common for smaller ladies that I know, even those who are very good skiers.
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I agree completely with ssh here. The main differences from junior boots to adult are the stiffness, the width and the cuff size.

If the boot fits ... the second and third items are not an issue.

My thirteen year old daughter and my wife wear the same size boots. Our daughter is in a junior boot which are actually stiffer than my wife's. She races and is a better skier.

I think the only issue you will have is if you are looking for a stiff boot by adult standards.

What Jr boot have you tried that seems to fit well?
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lange 100 WC team (Jr race boot) in a 265mm shell (size 22ish or lange mens 3) is an option

if you can't find one locally let me know
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thanks for the input, now i'm hopeful for a pair of boots that really fit

I tried some atomics; i don't remember which version exactly but they were very basic, without micro-adjustable buckes etc. they were also so soft it was like wearing hightops
i was really just looking for a fit though, and that was great. i'll be in montreal in a couple of weeks; i'm going to check out the Austrian Ski Shop while i'm there

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Salomon also makes (or used to) a kids version of their race boot that my son uses- same buckles as the adult boot.
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make sure you are getting the "junior" version not the "kids" version, if you want the real womens boot i know mntlion has small womens in the store and if you want the Comp 100W FR i know of another store in Edmonton that has down to size 3 in that model (mmm, quilted down liner next to the foot with real Lange performance).....
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salomon make the X wave/rush down to a 22 or 265mm. The lange will fit smaller (yes both are 265mm)

Lots of options are around, just the stores might not have them in stock this late in the year
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Many companies are making mondo 22.0/22.5 shell lengths in the mid 275mm range. They are the same shell size as the mondo 23/23.5 (275mm) but without a toe filler on the zeppa. Be very careful in buying a boot in this range. Do not ever buy a performance boot with a toe filler attached to the zeppa. The real shell length for a mondo 22/22.5 shell should be in the 265mm range.
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mntlion, i bet banff is a better place to shop for equipment that's it, time to listen to to the pet shop boys (go west )

thanks for the tip cantman, i'll keep that in mind!

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I like it... let me know if you have questions
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My wife 5'6' 140lbs has the Lange WC Jr (from about 2-3 seasons ago) and my daughter 5'4" 115 lbs is in the Salomon Course Team. Both are Jr race boots and are plenty stiff enough for their size. The Jr boots are usually cheaper than the adult equivalent, so if you can find the right size in a Jr race boot, go for it!
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I've been told by a ski shop that's rated as one of Ski Magazine's top places for bootfitting, that the Lange Jr race boot is IDENTICAL in stiffness to the women's, and it's also $100 less.

I also know of several 120 lb high school & college women who race (successfully) with them.
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