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Alaska Report - Part 5

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This is now our second-to-the-last day of skiing and we're already bummed that we have to leave soon.

We spent this day doing a combination of long, beautiful, flowing glaciers and steep, open shoulders. The temperature was perfect, the snow was perfect, and it just couldn't have been any better.

This is Ruthie and David standing at the top of a glacier run called Big Bowl. I just think it's a pretty spot:

And here's a shot of Big Bowl from across the valley. Our starting zone was back up where the glacier swings around to the right with the sun on it. If you look really, really hard you can just make out our tracks by a little tiny rock (which is actually about forty feet high) in the upper middle of the photo:

This is a shot of Theo and I stomping out our landing zone on the ridgeline that the photo above was taken from. As you can see, the peaks, valleys, glaciers, and snow are just everywhere you look:

Here's Ruthie dropping into a small chute below that landing zone. The dots on the glacier below are our friends waiting for the helicopter to pick them up:

And this is one of Ruthie skiing a big open face all by herself:

And this is an up-close one of Ruthie skiing some nice, reconstituted glacier powder:

One more day to report and that'll be it.
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WOW!!! Thanks for the pics Bob? That looks unreal.
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I was expecting darkness. What a trip and great pics.
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