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Park City - rain or snow now?

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Can the Utah locals tell me if it's likely to rain in Park City this weekend?

Coming out from NY for a long weekend of skiing this Saturday, arriving at 10am. I am comtemplating whether to use the "ski for free" option at park city on the day of arrival. I've been checking weather forecast. Some says it's going to rain, other says it's going to snow. It's nice to save a buck or two, but if it's going to be icy/slushy at PC I would spend the extra money to go to LCC/BCC on Saturday. It's looking warm this weekend.... How warm is it right now? On the streets and on the hills?

I am going nuts just from the anticipation of skiing west!
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Last storm started as rain, switched to snow once the front passed. This is common this time of year. Snow on upper half is well worth the price, especially since it free! 23" fell in the last day or so. Saturday is another pineaple express, with relattively high snow levels. No matter where you go, it will be heavy snow, but Alta will have the best chances of good conditions. Tuesday's storm is a cold one, so it should be snow all the time at every resort.

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Skied this morning and just about anything above 8000 feet was really good. The skiing below 8000 was still good in fact once the sun hit the snow got this nice creamy consistency.
Can't wait for the morning as I have a head im88 demo lined up.
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