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Bindings for K2 Fujatives

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I'll be buying some K2 Fujatives for about %90 park use. I'm not real knowlegable about bindings. Any suggestions for bindings for K2 Fujatives that will be used in the park.
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Find some Looks or Rossis from last year (old Axial heel) that have DIN's up to 14, Ti if you can. Now hard to find, but best binding ever made for shock absorption, some boot movement, then realignment, instead of unwanted release. Bombproof, last forever. Mount them on an elastmer ("shock") pad for more damping on hard landings. Nothing's a close second, especially this year's "upgraded" versions of same.
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^^Agreed thought the new ones are not that bad still way better than Markers . Flat mount them and some people don't like the pads, too squishy.
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An by the way you can get them everywhere on-line
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What's a good binding for $100 or less. I won't be skiing these too much because I will mostly use my RX8's so I don't wanna spend too much on bindings. I'm looking on Ebay right now heres some of what I found:

http://cgi.ebay.com/New-Rossignol-Axium-110-X-Plate-Ski-Bindings-din3-5-11_W0QQitemZ8782509572QQcategoryZ21238QQrdZ1QQcmdZ ViewItem

I've heard good things about these: and they're cheap
http://cgi.ebay.com/Tyrolia-Mojo-11-Freestyle-SKI-Bindings-Wide-Brake-0506_W0QQitemZ8788958895QQcategoryZ21238QQrdZ1QQcm dZViewItem
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If you're a beginner/intermediate skier than either of those bindings will be fine.
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be aware that some of the old school pivots/axials/turntables rip out of fujatives due to there not being enough reinforcement in the mounting zone, so maybe try a binding that has a screw pattern that is a little more spread out....
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I'm sort of a beginner in the park. Out of the park I'm probably an 8. In the park I can do grabs and I'm gonna learn how to do spins and other stuff like Iron Crosses. Is there a good binding for around $100 that will be ok. I don't really wanna get something that I will grow out of in a year.
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