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You Go ! Tahoe !

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was there last almost ago and was in mid-winter conditions. when i booked it, i thought for sure; spring skiing conditions.
now, looking at the 10 day forecast:; it's forecasting snow and lows in the high 20's all next week. judas ! and i thought tahoe was string last year.

with heavenly covering up small children in snowbanks with 172" and squaw and kirkwood over 180"(i'm not even going to mention how deep it is at mammoth, snorkel's anyone ?); going to tahoe anytime before May should be required by anyone who can do better than snowplow.

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I go!

Case in point: Boreal Inn is fully booked and ANY property in Squaw requires two nights booking.
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supporting my argument that Tahoe is all that and a bag of ski wax this season:

'It's hard to believe it's spring'
Alpine Meadows records most snow in 35 years

An unending series of March snowstorms pasted the Sierra in white, with one Lake Tahoe ski resort reporting more snowfall than during any other month over the last 35 years.
At Alpine Meadows, the resort received more than 16 feet of snow at its base lodge since March 1. Midway up the mountain, more than 22 feet fell, resort representatives said Wednesday.
That's a record. It surpasses the previous high of 15.6 feet that fell at Alpine during the "Miracle March" of 1991.
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Have any tahoe areas announced closing dates yet?

I sure hope they will stay open late into the season, and hopefully there are enough patrons to support this. I wont be able to make a trip again untill may! :
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its a pretty solid rumor or unofficail statement mammoth will be open to july 4th again, 2 years in a row. not sure about anyone else, but i'd think may 1st at least for squaw kirkwood and heavenly.
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closing dates (subject to change by the suits in their respective corporate offices)
4/30 for kirkwood
4/23 for heavenly
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please excuse me while i digress:

4/23 for heavenly
4/23 ! judas ! what a bunch of girly-resort execs. ! although i'd expect nothing more from all profit vail resorts. :

they have a 188" base with 38" last week and snow in the forecast all next week and theyre shutting 'em down in less than 3 weeks. pansies ! :

(ranters note: although i know heavenly is in the middle of the pack of tahoe mountains, i'm stuck on a project for at least 2 more weeks, got a free roundtrip southwest airlines coupon last week and am a sucker for quarter slots, breakfast buffets and sunsets at rivas grill).
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I have to (by choice) bicycle over Donner Pass and Mount Rose in early June..... all this snow is worrying me a bit.
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Alpine Meadow's website says May 21st as closing. Spring? Not for me.
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Originally Posted by mikebike
I have to (by choice) bicycle over Donner Pass and Mount Rose in early June..... all this snow is worrying me a bit.
As long as it's not snowing it will be fine (the only time I fell while racing was when it was snowing). Sure there may be snow banks at least on Mount Rose but the roads are wide. Actually I saw a cyclist out a couple of days ago :
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