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yeah...i misplaced mine. that plastic deal for scraping the excess wax off after a hot wax. anybody have any suggestions for a temporary replacement? a drywall scraper? i can probably dig up almost any tool imaginable...
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Maybe a plastic drywall knife, but not a typical METAL one! Window scraper(not serrated), any flat plastic kitchen tool, piece of Lexan, Huh?
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you can use the metal drywall knife...
as long as it's flat and be careful not to gouge the base!
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i tried a jewel cd case...too soft...which makes me think a kitchen untensil prolly won't work, as they're softer. i think i'll give the drywall knife a shot (a careful one).
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unless you are racing or hot scraping to clean bases why bother , ski the wax off .
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unless you are racing or hot scraping to clean bases why bother , ski the wax off .
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I have a friend who used a cover plate for a light switch.
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I fear you are having a bad week? First the gloves now the scraper?

I hear there is a vitamin that is good for the memory, I just can't remember which one right now.
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bad week nothin i don't remember the last time i remembered anything consistently. i'm just so disorganized.....

they say disorganization can be a sign of genius.
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I take ginko biloba but I can't remember why.

waiting for feb1st"

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Local auto parts store or K-Mart ...

$2.99 windshield scraper, even has a comfy handle.

Plastic drywall knives work in a pinch but they are a bit soft. The light switch cover didn't work too well ... :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by yuki:
The light switch cover didn't work too well<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Try removing it from the wall.

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Like someone above said, just ski it off, it will last ten times as long! That's what I always do.. Even before a race; I just leave the wax on for my training runs, and scrape and brush at the top before my race runs..
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You probably have a plastics place somewhere near you. I just go in and rummage through their scrap bin and cut them to size when I get home. The pieces are usually free or very cheap.
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"Try removing it from the wall"
That is way too funny!!!!!!!!!!
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While in college one of my buddies worked in a butcher shop. He acquired a meat scraper used to scrape fat off the sides of carcasses. It had a rectangular metal blade about 6 inches wide with a wooden handle on one end you could put two hands on. It worked great for scraping wax off.
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echoing other some comments - there was a post some years ago (I think) about some who scraped and went fast in the morning on the slope, then slow in the afternoon as the wax had worn off. Others recommended not scraping - yes a little slower in the morning - but high speed in the afternoon as the wax was then just right.

It seemed logical and I took it on board so now I save the time on scraping and go fast in the afternoon!

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Leave your wax thick every now and then and take a look at the wear patterns on your bottoms after your first run.

Its a great way to tell whether you are karvin', skarvin', or skiddin', whether or not you are pressuring your skis fore, aft or centered, how much edging you tend to use, etc. Usually you have to enlist the aid of a few weeks of cooperative small rocks to get the same info .

Without fail, every time I look at the scratches on my bases, I wonder to myself why any sane person would spend tens of thousands of dollars and huge amounts of time just to have base scratches that run fore-aft, and not diagonally. Non-skiers would never understand.

Tom / PM

PS - BTW, if (as suggested) you don't scrape the wax, they will ski very strangely for the first few minutes. Usually, I can't even skate or get an edge when the wax is still thick.
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Am I the only one who recognizes a troll when I see one?
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