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How much did you spend on tuning tools?

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Well, since my term at the shop with access to all the good has gone away, I had to invest in my own tuning tools.

For $67 I bought a beveler, nice file, and a diamond stone...and some wax to boot.

I'm a serious skier, but not a racer so I don't see the need to have much more than that. How much did you spend when you invested in this kind of stuff. Did I do okay??
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This is my third season skiing and I have probably spent close to $800.

This is obviously extreme since I love skiing, tuning, and buying toys especially new expensive ones.


Keep in mind I got a tuning bench, iron, and a whole mess of other stuff including SVST stuff that was not cheap.
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If you worry about cost your in the wrong sport.

Vise $100.00
Iron $15.00-$140.00
Work Bench ???
Brushes $70.00

You have a way's to go, $67.00 is a start...

You don't want to know how much I have spent over the past six seasons alone. Upwards of 16 pairs of skis and 2 racers.

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I just placed an order from Reliable Racing Supply for $575 worth of tune up tools. (although this is for our ski patrol group.)

My personal stash is considerably less:
The basics:

file holder for edge bevel
file holder for bottom bevel
ptex, wax
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I am lucky, I work in a shop, so everything is available for me to use.


One of the perks for working at a store.

The biggest drag, is working on POW / Snow days.
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I must be one cheap sob.
Old iron from garage sale;
multi edge tuner
sidewall plane
diamond stones and file
one brush with two stiffness bristles
ready to run.
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When your ready to invest in good diamond stones. Go to the Tognar catalog http://www.tognar.com/ and order up your MoonFlex diamond stones. They have them for the lowest price $32.95.

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I budget about $600/season for gear. Yes, that means sometimes skis, coats and parkas have to wait.

While not quite as high-zoot as Scalce and SVST, I do like good tuning gear.

On trips I get by with:
-clamp (snowboard-type sit-on-top) ($25)
-rub on wax and corks ($20)
-nylon brush ($10)
-Scotchbrite sheets (grey and white grade) ($3)
-PTEX ($1)
-steel scraper (homemade, say $1)
-side beveler and diamond stones. ($35)

Adds up to $95.
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My tuning gear adds up to about $900, not including wax, which would add up to another $500 or so. Of that, I probably use about $400 of it on a regular basis.

Swix iron, diamond/ceramic stones, SVST file guides, tuning vices, brushes, and scrapers is pretty much all I use from day to day, and I try to get quality stuff for the basic tools. I have a sidewall planer, roto brushes, corks, and all kinds of specialty tools that I've either decided I don't need or don't have a real need to use that much.

I own a lot of skis that I use regularly, and doing my own maintenance saves a lot of money, even when you count the initial expense of buying tuning gear. Besides, I like tuning my own skis.
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We have the usual sanding & polishing belts, waxes, files and misc small stuff. Salomon & Marker Jigs, A Vermont Calibrater, vises and a big Montana of Switzerland GM-U wet belt sander w/ feeder. All tolled we have a couple of grand (lost track over the years) in our "shop". I will say the Montana was a steal on Ebay.. it was getting hte three-phase electic to run it that was alot.
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If you still have connections at the shop you could purchase tools on a shop from, I know both Swix and SVST have shop forms. This would save you a considerable amount of money on tools, however there is only a small discount on wax. I just got a large blue Swix nylon brush for 10 and I've seen the Probeveler from SVST for about 20.
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Well lets see. I use an old Black and Decker Workmate that I bought in 1980 as a vise. My grandmother gave me an iron sometime in the late 60's to do my wax that I still use. I have a file with some tape on it for edges and base bevel. I have a block of wood sawn at a angle of 2-3 degrees for side bevel. I have an old C clamp that I clamp the file to the block with. I have some rubber bands off the broccoli to hold the ski breaks down with. I have a brass wire brush from Home Depot. My scrapers are Formica samples from Home Depot kitchen department and I have a ball eraser as a gumby stone.

To do a base grind I use some 120 grit 6" round stik-it sand paper and stick it to a 3" wide piece of pine. I use that as a base leveler and structure rill.

How am I doin for cheap so far. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

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Pierre, Ryel, you go guys!! I agree, nearly all my tuning stuffs is cheap, cheap, cheap. I didnt even know you could spend $32 on diamond hone blocks. I thought I was paying too much buying them 3 for $12 down at Harbor Freight. Same with the iron, a Goodwill special that is at least 25 years old and still works fine. The only ski specific tools I have ever bought were a Toko pocket edge file ($30) and some World Class Tuning file holders (on sale for less than $5 - closeout). I have a couple of sureform tools but they are items out of my regular carpentry box. And the scrapers are just some real stout putty knives and paint scrapers, anyway with the sureform tool I dont need them much for anything but scraping wax. Brushes are just the nylon brush on the back of the file card, but it works just fine.

That reminds me, I need to go spec my skis from last weeks outing and make any needed repairs and rewax.

See y'all soon, on the slopes I hope.

Mark (Cheapskate/Maddog)
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My kit consists of (so far):
4 base bevelers (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 degrees)
3 side edge bevelers (1, 2, 3 degrees)
3 bastard mill files
2 clamps (oversized clotheshangers)
1 sidewall planer
2 true bars (1 knife edge, 1 rolling pin?)
1 waxing iron
3 plastic scrapers
1 cork block
1 ultra hard gummi stone(lighter grey): don't know mfg...extremely hard
1 hard gummi stone (grey)
1 med hardness gummi stone (red)
1 high grit gummi stone (brown)
3 diamond stones
3 ceramic stones
1 roll of black metalgrip for base welds
1 roll of ptex for gouges
1 ptex roller
1 metal scraper
1 mini-butane torch
1 package of scotch brite pads
1 nylon brush
1 horsehair brush
1 filecard
1 roll of 300 grit (i think) sandpaper
1 syringe of slowset epoxy
1 syringe of fastset epoxy

that's my kit so far. I can basically fix any kind of damage minus a blown edge on a trip if need be. I can also tune my party's skis after a good day or dial in the bevels to their liking. I would say that kit ran about $700 or so in parts. I use almost all of it consistently throughout the season. There has been a time when I was at heavenly and I was on my knees for an hr doing a baseweld in the snow [img]smile.gif[/img] couldn't use iron, so I used epoxy, sanded it below the base, and filled it up with ptex. Wet sanded the ptex with melted snow from the torch and everything hehehe. it's a valuable kit to have in the locker at the mountains. I usually carry a set of drivers around too in the locker. philips, allen key set, flathead, and posidriver.

I've recouped the costs already by tuning for my friends in a bind and such. Free (plus donations) after the day is over, or $20 a tune on the mountain (cause i lose valuable skiing time hehehe).

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