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It's the end of the season, I'm engaged, and for fear of my fiance going into my basement and seeing all of my skis, I am trying to sell some.
So, for sale:

1) 2004 Fischer World Cup Slalom Race Stock 161 (115-65-100 R13) w/Race Plate and FX-12 bindings. They have a total of 8-10 hours (not days!) on them. They have never been ground, but they were waxed and the edges touched up after each use w/a diamond stone. No P-Tex. They were hot-boxed and treated with LF and HF wax. $325 plus shipping.

2)2004 Atomic SX-11 B4 Supercross 170 (109-66-98 R16) w/SX412 binding. Never used. (Seriously.) They have several coats of base prep on them, but they have never been skied. $325 plus shipping.

3) 2004 Line Darkside Titanium 165 (110-73-98) w/Rossignol Power 120 bindings. Again, never used, although they have been waxed. These were lines all-mountain skis and were well-reviewed for lighter skiers. $200 plus shipping.

I put several coats of wax on all of my skis before I ski them which is why the Atomics and Lines have been treated. If you are interested in any of these skis, let me know and we can discuss pricing and shipping.