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Colorado lunches

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I'm going to be skiing Vail, Beaver Creek, Breck,Copper, and Keystone in April. I like to eat well and have had good success in Park City and Whistler eating at a restaurant off the mountain in those locations. There's usually something located a short walk from the lift at the bottom. I have found that the prices are usually similar to those on the mountain, but the atmosphere and food are usually a lot better. Anybody have suggestions for the Colorado resorts that I'll be visiting. Thanks
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For a nice lunch at Vail, go to Sweet Basil in the Village. It's often quieter at lunch than dinner, when you have to make a reservation weeks in advance. If you want good deli, then Joe's Famous Deli in the basement on Bridge Street. I think Larkspur, which is the fine dining at Golden Peak, also serves lunch, and it is an upscale atmosphere.

Keep in mind that Vail is HUGE, though, so if you go to the bottom for lunch, you're not going all the way back up! You might consider late lunches there, and calling it a day. I actually enjoy do enjoy eating at Two Elk on mountain, as it is beautiful (although get there early--11:15ish--if you want a good seat). And I like Belle's Camp, at Blue Sky Basin, where you can bring your own meat and grill it on gas grills while looking out at the Holy Cross Wilderness.

At Keystone, I would suggest eating on mountain, at the Alpenglow Stube. Make a reservation! It's at the top of the gondolas, and when you walk in they take away your ski boots and layers and provide you with (heated) slippers for the duration of lunch. There is an extensive Bavarian buffet with cold meats and smoked fish and salads and cheeses, then a table-served entree, and then another extensive dessert buffet. Good wine list, nice experience eating in relative luxury in your ski clothes with your heated slipper and snow and mountains outside the window.
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I like eating lunch at the Hyatt or the Ritz at Beaver Creek. I also agree that Vail is so big that if you spend you time in the bowls or the Golden Peak side of Vail, it's quite a distance to go to lunch in Vail Village. I like Two Elk and Belle's Camp.
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If you go to Copper, try the $3.99 pasta special lunch at Copper Station, at the bottom of the Superbee (6 place) lift. You get a choice of three kinds of pasta, three sauces, with ample portions. Plus all the grated cheese you can pile on. It is the closest thing to the legiondary Free Lunch I know of.
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At BC, the Golden Eagle in the village is also excellent. At Vail, on the mountain, my 1st choice is Wildwood at the top of chair 3. Enjoy!
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