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First I must thank all the info I reviewed in this forum while searching for a new pair of boots. The "homework" was well worth it and I finally found a pair of ski boots for women that work for me.

I mentioned in earlier posts the other boots I tried before I purchased the Lange Comp 120's for women. IMO these boots are the best fitting for someone with a low profile foot. When I first put them on, I had firm pressure across the top of my foot; it was slightly uncomfortable but after settling in them for several minutes the pressure went away and I have a very snug fit. I have just enough room in the toe box and the fit is so good I do not even need to buckle the buckles. After 10+ days on them the fit is fine right from the start with no uncomfortable "snugness" anywhere. I did replace my footbeds with a new pair and I was shocked that I could tell the difference from a 6+ year old pair of Superfeet and a new pair.
Before I was skiing in a men's boot that I thought was a good fit I now know better. My weight transfer is much more efficient now that I do not have to exaggerate my movements to get my skis to do what I want.
I am very glad to see the manufacturer's providing women with performance ski boots that will help enhance the sport!