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rocks and repairs...

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i got several nice gouges in my new skis today, some of them pretty deep, a couple of them exposed some material underneath the base, and i got some dings on the edges. they're in the shop right now. my question -- to what degree does this kind of damage affect the life of the ski? will it permanently affect their performance? will they handle differently?
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They should be fine, considering that you brought them to a shop right away. Moisture that creeps in if you don't take care of it can accelerate delaming. Core shots are repaired all the time. Now an edge shot that goes to the core and pops the edge out of its' shape....even they can be fixed, though one might want to switch left and right skis.
And probably time to get a diamond stone to touch up the edges yourself.
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I got a few of those on my skis. Early season start in Tahoe and East tooks their toll. It should not be a problem, just have them repaired (if damage is extensive it probably requires base weld to fix). When you are ready to upgrade, you will have a nice pair of rock skis.
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Hey Aux, are the gouges from Mt. Bohemia? I absolutely ruined a pair of skis up there over christmas break on rocks. One of my buddies I was with nailed a tree when we were in the woods and snapped his ski right in half, never seen that before! So how is it now if you have been there since they got more snow?
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yeah, that was bohemia. they need a few more feet to be good... i've never hit so many rocks before -- tore up my skis pretty bad. the shop fixed 'em up real nice, though, they look pretty good. was skiing them today at ripley (am going back there right now, actually -- took a lunch break) and they felt ok.

i was just worried about just how costly my foray onto bohemia was going to be...

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Yesterday hita rock and bent about a 2" section of an edge about 1/8". Was wondering how that would be repaired.
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I blew out a side wall this weekend too.


In any case, take it to a good shop and unless there was any structural damage they should be able to repair. Here in Tahoe we have the luxury of Granite Chief. They have a ski building press and can make almost any damage like new... If you have a shop near by that has a press or access to a ski press take it there.
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I might get flak for this but I'll do it my self. Deformation is now only about 1/16" or less and a smaller length after I cut out the base that was wedged under the edge. Yes under the edge. Rock pushed the base under the edge and kept it pushed out. So after cut out most of the deforamation sprang back so almost straight. Will be ok for an outside edge after repair gaint hole with copolymer ptex or epoxy. .
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Also I've taking these skis out of bounds lots and hitting lots of rocks so if they last the season I'll be happy. For what I paid for them , skis and bindings, the skis were almost free.
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During the season, I repair most of the gouges myself, but if the busted size is significant ptex would not hold for long. So once a season I go for base welds and base grinding to a shop.

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