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Ski Tuning

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I recently bought a pair of Fischer Rx8's and absolutely love them. I want to keep them in the best running order as possible, but don't want to make continued runs to the ski shop. I am looking for recommendation on what I can do in between trips to the shop (normally 1 / season). I have seen these rub on waxes, but am not sure if they are worth the time. Also, do I need to do anything to the edges to keep them sharp. My thought is not for a while, but I would like some advice from all of you.


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Do a search for tuning.

We have alot of posts and talk alot about this specific topic.
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I agree with Scalce, do a search. If you see a thread with my name on it, it is probably about tuning and you will learn a lot from it (like i did)

go here: Tognar they have a "learn to tune" page

After you have done all that, come back and ask questions about the stuff you don't understand.

good luck
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