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This is a hijack...

The ironic thing about this thread is

1). The realative almost non existance of P M T S when compared to ski teaching world wide. What I mean is the # of P M T S students vs T.T.S. students. (this isn't ment as a dig, it's simply a numbers game)

2). The realative number of P M T S posts on this site give #1

3). This thread has gotten more traction on epic than it did on the other site.

Just a few interesting (to me) observations....
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Please stop using P**S it just serves up food for the bots at google.

Please use P**S
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Hell there are only 65 P**S instructors in the whole F***ing world go figure. Go count them on the site. I did.

They could not handle the lessons at Boston Mills, Ohio on a Friday night.

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ssh should delete this thread it spam
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Originally Posted by carv_lust
I feel bad for you based on the vicious responses you received by Rusty and Dchan.
Dchan, it was because I became open minded, I found PMTS. It was PSIA that tried to close my mind to other approaches and direct me to the wrong skiing method.

I never said anything vicious? I commented that I'm glad he had a good experience and hope he came out with an open mind about his skiing. (not pointed at the PMTS camp or PSIA methods. I find that there are a lot of things I don't like about PSIA and I am a PSIA member. I do my best to learn from the system and grow beyond it. I hope that Clayton can stay open to all methods of teaching and learn from them all.

As far my thoughts about the whole thing? I continue to look to as many different teachers and systems as I can, PMTS, ATS, Lito, Joubert, Weem's Diamond, All mountain ski pros, and take what I can use. Try them out and incorporate them into my teaching and skiing.

If I can help change the direction of PSIA to be a better organization, then I will try but it doesn't change the fact that it is the organization that certifies snow sports instructors and if I intend to continue to be an instructor, I will need to work within their structure. It doesn't mean I am totally restricted by it (except for the exams part).
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Folks, let it go. Someone had a great time at a camp and learned a lot. Good for them and good for their instructors. Let's just let the rest of it go. Arguing relative merits in a thread like this doesn't work. If you want to discuss specifics, please start a thread about it and try to keep it on-track.

This thread is done.
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It just screams it
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Epicski Terms:

"The terms specifically state that you agree not to post material that is, "false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, hateful, harassing, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violates any law."

EpicSki is a welcoming place for intelligent conversation and debate about all things skiing; a place where differing ideas are welcome, new contributors invited to participate, and debate is energetic but civil. "
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Except Spam
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I've closed this thread. It's not going anywhere and it's just going to degrade further if we leave it open.
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