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When to buy new boots

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1. Now - when I remember my issues and there's a variety of conditions to test them out in and when prices should be lower, but when stock might be low.

2. Early next season - when there's plenty of boots

3. Mid season - the con would be missing part of the season on my new boots
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oct/nov stocks are at highest
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A good bootfitter won't(or shouldn't) sell you a boot just because you want to buy one. Two years ago I walked into Double Diamond in Vail during the last week of the season looking to see if I could catch a deal. Jim asked me to take off my shoes, looked at my foot, and said he didn't have a boot for me, and thus wouldn't sell me anything. That left an impression, and this past Dec I went back and paid full boat for my new shoes. Best investment I have made thus far.

So if there is a good and reputable fitter in your area, go now. See what happens. Maybe you'll catch a deal. If not, it is worth full price to have proper fitting boots.
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I agree with 12CSki

Unless you know what you want and how to get there, the best thing you can select is a good boot fitter. After that, It's just money.

That said, Fall is bad cause the fitters are busy, Spring is bad cause stock is low. Mid winter might be just right. (Unless the fitter you chose has what you need, then NOW is the right time.


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start now, and if they have the right boot great, if it is on sale, better. but the wrong boot free is still worth nothing.

If you can't find it now, look in the fall
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