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I just want to know what he does in the car with that hair.
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It fits through the T-top of his Trans-Am.
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I'm writing this from arm's length, and I've not personally met Glen Plake, though he's regularly visited London for our main ski show. He's a big star over here ... and rightly so ... though ...

... Steve Casimiro (a former editor of Powder, as I recall) wrote a detailed profile on Glen Plake for Skiing magazine, which is well worth a read:,00.html

I've got to admit that I read that piece three years ago, and had one or two doubts, based on Casimiro's account of Plake's criminal record:

- Theft of a case of beer off a truck (age 14)
- Using a stolen credit card
- Selling magic mushrooms (age 22)
- Involved in a bar fight (age 23)

Casimiro states that Plake went to Europe in early 1988 (then 24) to film with Greg Stump in Chamonix for his classic movie 'The Blizzard of Aahhhs', with a trial pending, and admitted to running from justice. But he did return to the US and did time in jail, plus 700 hours community service.

As we say in the UK, he served his dues to society, and he committed to reforming himself after all that ...

... but it got a little complex for me personally in 2003 when I discovered that my club, the Ski Club of Great Britain, had awarded Glen Plake a centennial medal for his services to skiing. As a past Council member of the Club, I questioned this at the Club's annual general meeting in November 2003 and was told the administration knew nothing about all the above (fair enough, but it wasn't a huge secret, and Casimiro's piece was on the internet at the time).

All in all, Glen Plake is a great skier and a great entertainer ... but let's give medals to people who haven't abused society's values and morals. Good luck to him, though!
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I too do not know him personally, but have met him on several occasions. He has spoken about the incident, and admits he has made some mistakes (haven't we all). But what really speaks well about his character is how he has changed since then. He got married, and became an ambassador for the sport. He traveled the U.S. one year in an RV going to small ski areas to get the word out on how great the sport is. Skiing with kids, telling stories and getting them excited about the skiing. He is truly inspirational.

BTW, I did get to see him drive a car. It was in Virginia Beach and it was a beautifully restored baby blue Cadillac convertible. His hair did not move!
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I concur with all I've read here about Plake being a great guy. Prior to the 2002 Olympics he was filming at Snowbasin and very willing to talk to all who approached him. I asked him if he would come talk to the junior race team that was training on the mountain. He finished his filming and stopped by the training course and spent a considerable amount of time motivating the young racers. When someone asked him to run the course he jumped into a slalom course set with his straight 210 cm skis and no protective gear and just ripped it. Thanks Glen!
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My son and I were hanging out in the lobby of the Peruvian on Tuesday evening playing cards and I noticed a fabulous looking blond walk through the front door with some guy and check in. I noticed the woman first, then I recognised the guy with her. It was Plake! I said to my 13 yo son, "hey look, it's Glen Plake."

I had to remind my son who Glenn was and he was like, "oh yeah, but where's the hair?" He then turned around and and practically yelled across the room, "hey, are you Glen Plake?"

Glen walked over to the table we were sitting at and introduced himself and proceeded to engage himself in conversation with my son about how the skiing was etc. What a nice person.
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Ah, to be 13 again and uninhibited. My parents would have banished me if I had done that.
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Make your own music

I am also a Glen Plake Fan.

I like his style and attitude
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Thanks JH!
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Originally Posted by Lonnie
When he was on the original down home tour, he came through the little resort where I used to work (I wasn't teaching then). Anyway he was staying in the little guest apt above the Mtn. Managers office. I think he and the owner of the resort got hammered and decided to go grooming at about 2:30-3:00 am. They ended up getting the cat stuck....

i can't believe all this time I thought you were glen plake. looking back at some of your posts, its quite obvious you aren't
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Huge huge fan, met him at the London Ski Show and then saw him again in Squaw same season. The beginning section to Blizzard of Ahhs is what attracted me to come to Squaw (having been to Chamonix a lot) now in my second year. It also inspired me to get into my skiing when I saw it first whilst still a nervous beginner/intermediate. Seems to me a fantastic amabassador for the sport and unusually all aspects of it; Race/Bumps/Free etc.

David Goldsmith having said he's served his dues to society you sure have a funny way of showing it. As a fellow Brit I don't think you're really showing very much tolerance or forgiveness to someone who has done a great deal for the sport, the industry and it's image - particularly in removing the very very stuffy image it had in the '70s to early '90's.
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Plake on an artificial slope in the UK 11/20/10



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^^^^ Way cool!

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post

^^^^ Way cool!

Agreed! Wonder what it costs to install and maintain one of those? Love the way it's just nestled into someone's neighborhood!  ;-)

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not so cool, they ruin your skis, put long shallow grooves in the base. guess you could have designated crap skis for it.

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Originally Posted by davluri View Post

not so cool, they ruin your skis, put long shallow grooves in the base. guess you could have designated crap skis for it.

Probably why Plake used their rentals.  I bet it hurts more to fall on that than real snow.

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I've had the pleasure of skiing with Plake at Mammoth and he is truely a great guy. On one of epics discussions Bushwacker stated that no human could ski through the trees like he can on skinny skis, I guarantee you Plake on 205+ skinny skis would embarass Bushwacker and make him look like a gaper!

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When I viewed the interview, the next video offered up by YouTube was Glen at Bretton Woods.  Turned out to be mostly ballet.  Very different, but cool.

(And any of you who've been there know that's a good choice for the terrain.)

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Another cool Plake vid...


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Glen was in killington all week prepping for his PSIAlevel lll cert part 2. Amazing ambassador. He posed for more photos with anyone I have ever seen. His wife gets major props for being aware or his fans while he tries living some assemblence of a half normal life. He couldnt have thirty seconds alone before someone was trying to speak or photo him. She helped him notice his pubic and he was always on spot happy to oblige. He visited my little tiny ski shop each yr for the past three. Glen. You rock this sliding world.
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Yes, he is really a gratuitous individual from what I hear.  I wonder what it takes to be memorable to him.  With all of the people he meets everyday, what kind of people and things do you suppose he remembers most?

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Originally Posted by I:)Skiing View Post

She helped him notice his pubic and he was always on spot happy to oblige. 

roflmao.gif  of course he was.....

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I hear he is a level 2 ski instructor now.  Anyone know where Glen teaches?

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Don't know if I teachers but I did see him many times last week up at Killington as PSIA-E SnowProJam.  He was taking a Level III prep clinic with PSIA-E; his wife also.  He's doing each cert in a different division.  One of the members of my group was lucky enough to win a raffle and get to ski with him for half a day.  I saw him around most of the week and saw him ski buy a few times. 


Oh, he wear's the mohawk down most of the time under a hat; then it just looks like he has a long blond pony tail.  But at the banquet he had it spiked up.  It was weird when we were all sitting down eating.  He was about two tables from me and it was like this weird fish fin sticking up above all the people.


By the way, he is about the nicest, most unpretentious, laid back, friendly person you could imagine.



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About a month or so back, I met Glen Plake at a Pedigree Tent Sale in White Plains, NY. He's my #1 ski idol, so to finally meet him was amazing. I arrived 45 minutes before he left and talked with him for a full 45 minutes. Needless to say, it was freakin awesome. He's one awesome and chill dude.

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More cowbell...


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So, do you think he had to demonstrate mastery of that move for his PSIA pin?


Pretty incredible.  I love the patroller in there.  If a ski instructor tried to teach that at Breck; well, you get the idea.  They won't even let the instructors teach Javelin turns...



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