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Don't everybody get excited. This is pretty low key. It is not like the website has been sued or anything.

However, we have various, recurring intellectual property issues that come up from time to time--most recently involving links to copyrighted images. I know we have a fair number of lawyers on the website (second only to IT professionals, as I recall from a poll a couple of years ago). If one of them who practices or has some experience in the intellectual property area would be willing to talk to me, let me know, as I would dearly love to have someone to talk to about these things. I am the point guy for the Epicski Team on this kind of stuff, by virture of being a retired public company general counsel, but I am old enough and (finally!) smart enough to know what I don't know.

So if any of you guys would be willing to help out, please PM me (I'm not trying to start a thread here). Thanks.