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wax opinions

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Hi all!
Gonna blow off work Thursday, and go to Gore for my last day of the season. It'll be warm.... 50's maybe higher. I'll hot wax before and was thinking what to choose?

I have Dominator Zoom Hydro All Temp, (non-graphite) and Swix CH10 yellow. I've made a mix before with good results, although it wasn't as warm as it's supposed to get on Thursday.

What do you all think? Mix the two, or straight CH10? (I love doing this stuff!).

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Mix, I have been using HyperZoom and Race Day mid-flouro Yellow for the warmer snow. Be careful when you get off the lift for the first time. The skis are fast.
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That warm, I'd just use the yellow.

If you were racing, I'd suggest going out and buying something high fluoro, like Dominator Butter or something.
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I'd iron in the Yellow (if you are not sure the sun will be out or not) the night before. If the snow temperature (most all waxes including Dominator go by snow temp not air temp) is colder than you expected, then I would take some Zoom along in the coat pocket to rub on and cork at the mountain. (Assuming you are not racing or anything- just out free skiing). Reason I mention the sun- is it will definitely change the snow temp to the higher warmer Yellow wax.
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