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Boots - Help!

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I currently ski on Lange L8's that I bought years ago. They are WAY too big. I've skied on Langes since the late 70's and want to check out something new this off season.

Advanced skiier. I am on Intuitiv 71 and loving them.
Size 10.5-11 street shoe (My L8's are 29.5! - OUCH)
Narrow heel, skinny calf, high arch, normal width

I am primarily on groomers with the family and occasionally get agressive.
I am looking for as much comfort as I can get while still allowing me to push it from time to time.

Any advice on boot manufacturer/model and recommended size to start with would be great.
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You should probably start with a size 28 or so shell and do the finger test for shell size as stated in many of the forums on this site.
As for manufacturers- you must try a few different ones to see how they fit your foot. A good boot fitter is recommended.
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I would describe my foot the same way and I have been happy with my Rossignol boots but footbeds would be a must as well. Are pretty stiff but also comfortable.
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why not keep with langes?

just start with a 9/27 boot... 1-2 cm fit....
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With a narrow heel and normal foot width, you may want to try on some Salomons. I found they fit the narrow heel and mid to wide forefoot with less tingling and toe cramping than the 'properly sized' Langes.

From a much happier ex-wearer of XR-8 and X0-8
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I've been happy with Langes, I just wonder if there is something else I should be trying.

I'll be in Calgary in early May, where can I go to try on some boots?
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most stores are in summer mode my may in calgary.

some store in banff MIGHT still have stock around, but I don't think so ...

if you call ahead they might be able to make specail arangments for you?


I work for them, but the boot store closes May 1, but write them and ask?
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Where in NH are you? I recommend the guys at Jack Frost in Jackson. I purchased Kryptons there last fall w/foot beds and they did a terrific job fitting me. Pretty sure they carry Langes if you stay that route.
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I'm in Hooksett. And I just realized that i'm 5 miles or so from S&W Sports in Concord. They have a great reputation for building custom foodbeds and helping with fit, right?
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