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Lodging near Mt. Hood

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I'm doing some planning for a potential trip to Hood this summer. Any suggestions for dirt cheap lodging relatively close to the mountain? I'm thinking cheap like hostels or Motel 6. I would consider camping but I'll be hauling around enough ski gear as it is. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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try this link: http://www.mthoodrent.com/
this one's helpful: http://www.mthood.info/lodging/index.html

Timberline has surprisingly good rates for a national Historic Landmark: http://www.timberlinelodge.com/lodge/rates.shtml

Cheaper: Huckleberry has dorm/bunk space but Ski/Snowboard camps may steal it first, so claim it early. Number is below, along with other ideas on this list. The Arc Motel is quaint...but 30 minutes from the slopes, if that's not too far. Good luck

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forgot the last link....it's here: http://web.pdx.edu/~cyjh/lodge.html
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There are numerous inexpensive motels in the towns on the flanks of Mt. Hood, like the Ark Motel mentioned above. Also worth checking, esp. if you've got a car: www.portland.craigslist.org/vac
A search for 'Mt. Hood' pulled up a 2br log cabin for $89/night and a 1br cabin for $70. Not ski in-ski out, but likely to provide plenty of charm/dollar. Feel free to PM any Q's.
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