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Finally buying skis, suggestions welcomed.

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I'm finally buying my own skis. Tired of renting, please help

I am 6-4 180lbs and see myself as a level 6 skier (according to http://www.bobski.com/checklevel.php), but have hopes to better myself. I want a ski that can grow with my skill level. I mostly ski machined groomed, packed powder locally in Southern California (Mtn High, Snow Summit, Big Bear) and take occasional trips to Mammoth Mountain and Lake Tahoe.

Thanks in advance.
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It's so hard to recommend skis for other people. I wouldn't go too high up the ladder, there are plenty of good skis in the mid range that would serve you well. It's the time of year now where there should be plenty of deals to be had from shops that are trying to clear out their inventory. Why don't you visit a few of the shops in your area and narrow your choices down to a handful of appropriate models. That way you would get more feedback on a particular model from people here on the site. I would stay away from the really wide waisted models. Probably something in the 65-74mm range, from the info that you gave us. I personally don't care for the French brands, I tend to like Fischer, Head, Elan, and some of the Nordicas (made by Elan, I think). Check out Peter Keelty's site, realskiers.com, he has the best reviews on the web, and narrow it down from there.
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Here's a more comprehensive listing about my skiing after reading the sticky...

Male, 6-4, 180lbs, 38
I am a level 6 skier and hoping to achieve at least level 8.
I can make quick parallel turns or carve.
I ski mostly machine groomed, packed powder in Southern California (Mtn. High, Summit, Big Bear) and occasionally in Mammoth Mtn and Lake Tahoe.
I mostly ski blue and reds and have occasionally ventured into double blacks.
I have rented 170-180 skis and feel comfortable on them.
I have always skied k2 rentals.
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If you want to stick with K2, check out the Apache Crossfire in a 174. Supposed to be a high performance, well mannered, user friendly all around ski that you could grow with. Everybody that has them seems to rave about them. K2 skis tend to be somewhat damp, but a lot of people like that. If you can find a pair to demo, give them a try. If not, I read in one of the ski mags (for what that is worth) that the Crossfire was one ski that they could confidently recommend someone to buy without trying them first (their words, not mine).
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Thanks for that Mac, I'll check them out...
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I know this must be a stupid question, but what the heck is a "red"? My trail map has just greens, blues, and blacks... ?
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He's either just moved from Europe or thinks this site is European!

Red is blank in Europe.
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I am a similiar skier at a similiar level. I ski on mostly groomed packed snow in Ohio. I demoed the K2 Crossfire and really liked them. However, I bought the Nordica Speedmachine 12. The Speedmachine had more life and more action to it. The K2s rode like a Cadillac and the Nordicas perfromed like a BMW sports car. I just opted for something that would be more challenging to ride. Both skiis are very good and I was told that I would not outski them.
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