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Replacing 5* with Allstars

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Well yesterday at Beaver Creek, some one took my beloved 5*s (2005-2006 model). I left them on the rack in front of the Chophouse, came out after a beer and they were gone.

In the general vicinty there was a pair of 5* like mine except they were 168's instead of 161's (still there when I checked this am)..I think some drunk took mine by mistake and will no doubt find out the mistake when they get home...I am hoping mine will resurface but they probally won't

sooo I am thinking of replacing my 5* with some All Stars. I found a pair of new ones for only $550 at a local shop, which seems like a good deal.

I am hoping that the Allstars will not be too different from my 5* (except more stable)..I am an all mountain skier (150 # advanced/expert PSIA I) who likes to ski fast but in control using good technique..I am worried a bit about the difference in turn shapes between the 2 skis..I do like to mix in short turns from time to time..but I am thinking the added stability of the All Star would come in handy as well and am hoping the All Star would be good for teaching too

I don't think I will have time to demo...there are only 2 pairs in my size left

I could buy another pair of 5* for the same price, but it seems that the Allstars are a better ride

Any advice would be appreciated


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Buy the Allstars, You'll be glad you did. Just the upgrade in the binding system alone is worth it. You can always sell them if you don't like them but I'm betting that won't be the case.
BTW next years' AC3 and AC4 will have the iPT binding.
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Did it

I bought the Allstars and skied on them yesterday at Beaver Creek..the conditions were perfect..boot top powder and a wide variety of other snow types as well (hardpack, moguls, groomers)

The Allstars are a vastly superior ski than the 5* IMO..on groomers they flat out rip..I always felt I was overpowering the 5*..not so with the AS.

There is a lot of substance underfoot, you can really stand on them...very smooth as well (the binding interface??)

They floated quite well in the powder (up to knee deep in spots)

Also they are very quick edge to edge..much quicker than the 5*. I think this is because they are stiffer. The quickness factor makes them a good mogul ski

They are not as forgiving, but who cares??? They will reward good technique and will "be there" when you need them.

I think these will be a great Central Colorado ski..we don't often get the huge dumps like Utah, Tahoe so I think they will be fine in powder up to knee deep

Can't wait to get on them again!!!

(BTW Beaver Creek Sports has them for 560.00 including binding)
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So did you go back and rescue the abandoned 5-stars in the rack?
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yep, I "rescued" them after the second day

I will try and sell them for 100.00 or so..one of the edges is slightly bent..and the tops are hacked up too..
unlike mine which were in excellent condition..maybe the person decided to "trade up" when taking mine??

In any case seperating or locking will become derigor from now on...
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