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DIN Setting During Summer

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I'm an equipment know-nothing, so excuse my ignorance...

Since I'm done for the year, I just turned the DIN setting on my skis down below 3 to release the tension. Does anything need to be done for the rear binding... is there any such adjustment back there?
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Let me move this topic back a stage, as I know less than you.

What should I do with my skis before leaving them in the garage all summer (other than get them serviced)?
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There is a rear din setting, just like the front one.


There have been debates on here about winding down bindings. I don't, some do, but if you don't know about bindings, you shouldn't really tamper with them. (general comment, not meant as specifically aimed at you [img]smile.gif[/img] )

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I don't think there is a right or wrong to this one. I turn mine down as a matter of habit but I also work on my own skis, wax, tune, etc..


Before you change anything on your bindings provided you are comfortable doing so, take a sticker or marker and put down the settings before you change them. Even better, scribe a mark on the screw so you know exactly what position they were in. It makes it easy to put them back to the same setting. Unless you have the correct equipment, I would suggest you take them to a shop to have a safety release check done before getting back out on the snow next season.
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Here are some of the things I do to my skis to summerize them.

1. I generally crank down the bindings to about 3 from 10 or 11(depending on the race). Anything below 3 and the screw gets really loose and I don't want them falling out.

2. A quick edge tune to remove any rust and oxidation that may have crept up.

3. Clean the bases by waxing and immediatly scraping off while it's still melted. Repeat. This generally gets most of the spring gunk out of the base. I don't use chemicals to clean my bases.

4. Wax normally with hot wax. Usually use a combination of a bunch of wax temps that are left over from the season and are too small to get a full wax out of. I put 3 coats of wax on.

5. Last rub the edges(top and sides) with a soft bar of wax a couple times. This should put a little layer over the edges to cut down on rusting and oxidation on the edges over the summer.

6. Put them back in my closet for their slumber.

7. Pray for snow. (it's never too early)

I don't do much base repair to summerize them since I will be getting them stone ground and releveled at the begining of next season. The main thing is to keep the bases and edges protected.

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Re: bindings for summer storage.

If you don't understand them, then don't mess with them.

They should be saftey checked at least once each season.

I back mine all the way down, and then give one or two complete turns on the adjustment screw so a place a little tension on the springs.

I write down the binding settings for each ski, so I know where to set them next season. I also make sure my bindigs are clean and free of all dirt, and in the early winter I lubricate the AFD with some silicon spray.
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