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I was out in Utah this past week and I got to try out the 168 Volkl Allstars. Keep in mind my current skis are 6-7 years all (185 Volkl P30s).

WOW, talk about edge grip! What a fun ski, I was immediately sold. It was just soo much fun to ski, could get REALLY low to the snow on turns. I'm almost positive I will be buying a pair, as I doubt I'll be able to test out any other skis this year. Negatives were, high speed stability (P30s are good at that though, so maybe I'm spoiled) and that the skis wore out my legs super fast cause it requires so much muscle to do the things this ski allows you to do.

Can't decide whether or not I should go for the 175 or 168. The 168 was awesome so I'll probably go with that.

I also tested 166 Atomic B5 SuperCross and thought it was very similar. Alot smoother, and maybe a bit better at longer turns. But the ski is soo damn heavy.

I made a post a few weeks back, but was only able to try out two pairs of skis: