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Skied at Holiday Valley in WNY yesterday. Conditions were very good. Soft, flat man-made snow. I'm 5'11", 220. Advanced skier.

Atomic Izor 7.5. 168 cm. I have the 9.7 168 so I was curious to try the 7.5. It has the same profile as the 9.7, but a softer ski. Initail impression was that I liked it. Smooth. Good edge hold. Easy to turn. I wish I had skied it back-to-back with the 9.7, but I did not. I think I liked it better than the 9.7.

Head 1400 Liquidmetal. I believe this is an '07 ski. 170 cm (?) I didn't like this ski at all. I couldn't get much edge and it felt like everything was happening from my foot back. It was smooth so the chip seems to work. I didn't mind taking this one back.

Head Super Shape. Also an '07 model. 155 cm (?) I liked this ski. Quick, good edge hold. Fun. Snappy. I'd have to ski it in a 165 or 170 to be sure. But I liked it.

Rossi 9X Oversize '05 model. 174 cm. This ski rocks! Made an instant impression on me. Very stable. Easy turn initiation but it stays there with you. Blasted through crud well, too. I liked this ski. This is/was a close-out. I've been told that the VS skis even better.

There were a couple of '07 K2s there too. I heard lots of good comments but I didn't get a chance to ski them.

Oh well. There's always next year.