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summer storage!!

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OK I usually wax my skis for storage over summer, I was contemplating using wd-40. Any idea if this could hurt the P-tex. just thinking how much I love the stuff on metal ie edges. wd-40 is a water dispersant. Just not sure about what it could do to p-tex. Obviously it would have to be cleaned off in the fall but a good base cleaner will take it off no problem.
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Please don't put WD40 on your skis

I recieved this reply from Volkl!!!

Tue, 28 Mar 2006 09:30:14 -0500To:From:"Volkl Ski Guru" volklski@voltec.com
Alert Subject:Re: Volkl Ski Inquiry

Kurt, Please don't put WD40 on your skis. It can react chemically with the base material. A thick coat of wax will protect the edge from rust.
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