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5'10", 180lbs

Dynastar Skicross 66: 186cm (my last-resort rock ski)
Rossignol T-Power Viper S: 160cm (my all-mountain ski)


It's dumping in Steamboat right now!!! Just had my Rossis tuned yesterday, and I'm anxious to make some turns when the mountain opens in exactly one week. For the moment, I'll just snowblow the driveway.
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Hee hee.

I love these discussions because I love to buy skis...

6'1" - 195#

175 Head WC TI Slalom
180 Head WC TI Slalom
191 Rossi Bandit XX
193 Blizzard Sigma GS (one sweet ski)
197 Dynastar SF
206 Dynastar G9
217 Atomic DH

That's the alpine stuff. There's also the backcountry stuff, of course.

I'm totally out of control when it comes to ski gear, but I honestly do ski them all during the course of the year.

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5'10" 160

I split my skiing about 60/40 , East (Tremblant / West (Whistler)

G31 188 w/Rossi bindings
G4 188 w/Marker 1200
Explosiv 190 w/Rossi (NEW!!!)

I like big fast arcs, steeps, powder, trees .....

My skis don't like hard bumps so I tend to go with their vote and try to find the soft ones.

I decided not to take the G31's out west this year as I found the G4's were great in all conditions that I found. The Explosiv's are for those other days.
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Interesting question, and much more complex than it used to be. It's not length vs height anymore. It's ski design (sl vs gs,etc..), terrain choice, skier ability, and skier weight to a degree. Skis are so much more forgiving overall these days that the same ski I ski on, still may not be to much ski for a less skilled skier. That skier just might not get as much out of it as I can. And of course demo as often as possible because what feels right is right.

With all that said I'm 5'3", weight undisclosed, level 7-8 skier, and on 173cm GS style ski. I've been told by my trainer and others that I ski it well in that length too. Yes, it's just over my head out of ski boots.
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I'm 5' 11", 175 pounds. This is my current quiver (as of this hour.....man, we better start skiing before I buy any more gear).

Packed/icy conditions:

184 cm Mountain Viper X 10.2
181 cm Viper X PPS

Everything else:

186 cm Supermountains
188 cm K2 Axis X
191 cm Bandit XX

I use the Viper X PPS for my mogul skis and I wouldn't go any shorter. I would probably be happy with the Bandit XX in a 184 if I didn't ski at Big Sky with its wide open spaces.
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OK, Xdog, I see you WERE serious. I only have 3 pairs but they pretty well cover the whole spectrum except I don't own a bump ski and I probably never will. At my speed and age I don't want to break anything now.

I'm 5'8" and 195lb.

K2 Merlin IV's - 193cm
Head XP100's - 177cm
Snow Blades - 100cm

Keep skiing faster! :

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Long enough to get the job done.
No seriously I'm 6'7" 180 lb after a big dinner and I ski a 191 Rossi Bandit X. In a way I'm kinda regretting that I didn't get the 184's though, the 191 was a compromise. I chose the X (70mm waist) over something fatter like say the bandit XX cause I love to ski bumps, but I wanted something that could master the whole mountain including powder and crud so I figured longer ski = better flotation. But you know what they say- Jack of all trades, master of none. I feel that they're a bit long and heavy for bumps and tight trees and the flotation still isn't quite enough for heavy snow. They're fun all around though and I can let 'em rip on groomers or steeps.
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hot sauce, try the XX. You'll find it's a better bumper than the X and FAR more versatile.

EDIT: P.S. The XX is a very nimble ski, quick edge to edge. Skiing them too long can kill that, though.

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reading numbers and heights takes brain work to figure out where they come to. So I will state this in an easier way. I am agressive and 115 pounds. My current skis are almost the exact same height as me. This year I may be getting some that are 5cm taller then my other skis.
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