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How long is yours?

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Here's one that I'm certain has never been discussed here before.
What length skis are you guys all skiing? Not specifically, but rather what guidelines do you go by? From what I've garnered from the "experts" it's chin high for beginners, forehead for experts, and nose high for everyone else. Are many of you using skis taller than you? And what other factors should be considered?
Thanks! :
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There have been two discussions in the gear forum this week.
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I've seen some very impressive skiers skiing on one ski. The vast majority of us ski on two. Have you intended to ask, "How long ARE yours"? Or not?
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Valid questions, and I'm not going to stoop to oboe's level of purility, instead, I shall point out that you didn't tell us what height you are, so how can I tell you whether my skis are up to your chin, your nose or your forehead.
Also, you could be like me, and have a very large forehead, if you mean the bit above your eyes until your hair starts.
Or, you could be like some others here, in which case, you need to secify which chin.
If you are over 2m tall, my skis wouldn't reach your chin, unless they were lifted off the floor. If you are under 1.5m, then my skis would be well above your forehead.

I realise this doesn't help too much, but it's the best I can do on a Thursday morning.


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Xdog, with the changes we've seen in the ski industry over the last few years, perhaps your question should have been how "short are yours". It used to be a macho thing to be seen skiing with boards over 200cm and if you were on 225's, well.............

If this was a serious question, it is going to be impossible to get even a remotely good idea, because we have no idea of the following:

How tall are you?
What is your weight?
What is your skiing ability (your true skiing ability, almost all of us exaggerate a little bit)?
What type of skiing do you mostly do?

Again, if this was a serious question, and if you want a serious answer, why not redo your topic and give the above criteria and with all the experts in this forum, I'm sure you'll get your questions anwered.

Keep skiing faster! :
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I'm 170 at 5'9". Skis are:

158 Stockli Spirit Pro
168 Stockli SC
170 Stockli XC

Skis two years ago were 188 GS and 185 SL. The SC's are as stable as my 188's were and carve a whole lot better.
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This is the second time this week that I've been accused of being a poor communicator, I hope I don't need medication!
I'm not interested in whether anyone else's skis would reach my nose, chin, etc., but rather where they end up on YOU. For instance, Yuki is the only one who gave me a height and length to work with. And based on that info, I see that Yuki is using a ski which is about forehead high (168-170).

More info about me, 5'11", 180lb, adv.intermediate, mostly blue cruisers in the East, 2 trips out west for pow, and a little park action.

Oh, and thanks to oboe for the cunning wit (not!)
Thanks! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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5'10", 200lbs, Type III skier.

185cm Rossi 740's
193cm Salomon Evolution 8's

Making the switch to a shaped ski this year & likely going with the 186cm Scream Pilot 10's. I can rip on 185's, but once I get down to 180(ish) range, I start to feel a bit unstable. With aggressively as I ski, I feel like a bit more length helps my stability, both in the air, and doing short radius turns. I'm not a jibber by any means, so I don't feel that I need a short ski to aid maneuverability.

I used to ski slalom on 203's, so I don't necessarily buy the argument that a short ski is a requirement for short radius turns..Help? Oh yeah, but the ability of the skier is also a factor that seems to get left out of the equation (by most Ski shops anyways..)

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6' 180 Crossmax 10 185cm, AK Rocket 200cm, soon to arrive AK Rockets in a 195cm.
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EP, I also used to ski slalom on 203's. It's not that you can't make a short radius turn on long skis.... Ski a new pair of 155 sl's for a day... I don't care what brand, and you will redefine "short radius" In fact you may realize, you've never carved a short radius turn before!
To answer the original post: 5'10, 180 lbs. 183 gs, 163 sl, 177 all mountain. It depends a lot on the ski. Different ski's work best at different lengths.
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6'2, 220, and as long as they come.

Personally i would like to see some longer skis out there, but have to settle for what i can get.
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5'8" tall, part time instructor, Solid level 8 skier, 155 lbs.

Skiing all mountain on a 170 Crossmax 10 Pilot and getting ready to mount a pair of 160CM Salomon Equipe 10.3's for front side sliding!
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6'3 225 Northeastern skier
Current: 193 Volkl P40's, 198 Hart Freespecies, 207 Siderals, 208 Rossi GS
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How come none of our lady sliders haven't replied to this post?

Me: 5'11" 220 lbs level 7.
170 Head cyber X45 (cross between X40 and X60)
180 Atomic 10.20
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How long is mine? Not long enough! Sorry Xdog, I could not resist.

Seriously ...

EPSkis said I feel like a bit more length helps my stability, both in the air, and doing short radius turns.

How would a long ski help with stability in short radius (SL type) turns? Stability in short turns is best achieved by carving those turns. U.P. Racer is absolutely right, in my opinion. People on long skis (around 180+ cm) could never hope to carve a modern SL run. Not only will they be slower, but also less stable because skidding decreases stability.

I am 5'6'' (167cm) and 160 lbs.

I used to ski 195cm ski, then 184cm, then I bought a 152cm Salomon AxeCleaver and fell in love with short skis. I recently purchased a 160 Fischer Sceneo S500 FT, since my AxeCleavers are getting old. Basically I like short, well-shaped skis with high energy and lots of rebound. Obviously I am not a speed freak.

When I skied out West I rented 181cm K2 Axis X and 170cm Head SuperCross Ti. I found both skis to be damp and powerful, but lacking in energy. I admit that I loved the SuperCross Ti because it required little attention as it ploughed through everything.
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Exit 154- the Hart freespecies is one of the best looking skis ever! (Of course I haven't seen it in a while...)

Let's see, year before last, 2000/01, skied almost the whole year (except for demos) on 191/193cm. I'm 5'11"

Then got a pair of 177cm p40 slaloms (way too long for slalom but a lot of fun)
Last year got a pair of 170cm Head slaloms to ski whole mountain. (Only problem- they don't like to go straight at all so you can't do a straight tuck, but heh...)
I'd like to get a pair of 160cm slaloms, 181gs, and an all mountain in maybe 177,175. Of course I also really want that T50 Supersport in the 168 probably.
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I'm 6'1", 180 lb.

My (way too big) quiver......

213 cm Volkl P30 DH
197 cm Volkl P30 Race carver racing (Race stock)
195 cm Salomon X-Scream Series (01-02 model)
192 cm Stockli Stormrider (1st gen)
183 cm Rossignol Axiom DP 110 (110mm at the waist!)
177 cm Salomon 1080's
170 cm Volkl P40 Slalom

Different tools for different skiing....

Humm...I still need a cheap, straight, 185-190 cm bump ski.

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Fox: purility???

Xdog: My stats: Height 5'8", weight 150 pounds

Ski lengths: Rossi T-Power to my chin, K2 Mod 7/8 [called Axis, no X, today] to my eyes; Rossignol Bandit XX to middle of my forehead [receding hairline]

See? As has been pointed out above, it depends not only on height and weight - it also depends on which skis.

Purility? Was it the writer's intent to identify purism [which it darned well could in the context], or is it a misspelling or malapropism for puerility, something with which good Mr. Fox is familiar as an essential aspect of his own being and so recognizes it quite quickly in Mr. oboe who is more frequently reminded that he is an old fart? Just wondered.
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Originally posted by artimus:
How come none of our lady sliders haven't replied to this post?

180 Big Stix 106
180 K2 AK Launchers
178 Volkl G41
178 Salomon X-Scream Series

Everything I have now is pretty much the same length, I go for the variation in width and stiffness. I used to have some 168 Salomon 1080s, which were fun. And one of these days I'm going to try out a pair of my husbands 190 Salomon AK Rockets (we put some demo bindings on his rock ski pair just for this purpose.)

[ November 14, 2002, 03:41 PM: Message edited by: altagirl ]
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5'8" and 180+ lbs Heres a few skis I own 181 Modx just over my head, 170 Atomics about to the chin, 177 Atomic Rex between the chin and forehead but over nose high.and 178 Chubbs, Chubbs are about the same as the Atomics 1cm really isn't that big a deal. I'm thinking a 160 something or other would be kinda fun My guess on the anatomy scale we seem to be useing here They would be about armpit size.
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178cm tall and 85kg wide (about 5'9.5" and 185 pounds)

I ski on Rossi Bandit X's at 177cm, and K2 Fours (tele) at 188cm.
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Utah49, I also am 5'8" and my 160 Rossi T-Powers come up to my chin. For the record, my chin is higher than my armpit, as I presume yours is too.
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6'3" (189cm) and 225 pounds (102kg), Former Europa Cup/ Noram racer w/ some WC.

DH 217
SG 210
GS 191-195
SL 164
SX 180
Fat 183
Xfat 193
Mid 190
Xmid 191
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6'2", 195lbs

Mine is
195 and 190 F
188 MF
170 SL (Shrinkage Length)

Mine used to be
210 and 205
those were the days!!
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5'8", 170 Lbs, Volant T3 Powers in a 185, Volant Chubb 180's. Mrs. Skicrazy (also 5'8"), skis T3 Powers in a 180 and Chubbs in a 180. My Powers may be a bit long by todays standards, but turn easier than any other ski I've ever owned and will CRUSH crud and powder . They have almost as much float as the Chubbs.
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Fascinating! The women are pleased to share with us their height . . . but weight?
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Now we're cookin' with gas! Thank you all, this is the feedback I'm looking for, what experienced individuals are using and why.
Dchan, I also demo'd the Xmax 10 pilot along with the Rossi Bandit (both 170cm) over the summer @ Portillo. God I love those Xmaxes, but I'm such a cheap ass that I didn't shell out the xtra for 'em.
I went with the X-Scream 9 in 170. It's my first purchase and I guess I'll just have to wait and see what's what and how far this latest obsession will take me.
At any rate, it's great to have these laundry lists of your personal "quivers" on hand, that way I can show Mrs. Xdog that I can't POSSIBLY survive w. only 1 pair!
Again, thanx 2 all, and I'm glad I found this board. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I am one of those that went from long to short over the years. Out of College, (weight change of 15 lbs? trying to some of it now) I was skiing on a Dynamic VR17 FM GS at 205cm. and a Rossi Strato (Classic maroon) 102 GS also 205cm. From there I went to the Salomon equipe (E9000) S3 in a 198cm. Then to the Salomon Prolink Equipe 3S at 193cm. Then to the X-Scream Series at 187cm. Now I'm skiing almost exclusivly on the 170 crossmax 10 Pilot.

My reason? As I learned to keep the skis truly on edge and much less skidding, these skis really stabilized no more chatter. I found that I could go the same speed as I did on my nice stable long GS and SL skis, Even faster and not sacrifice the stability. On top of that they were easier to turn, quicker to respond and I found much more fun. So here I am this season, at 160 with my new race stock equipe 10.3's and 170 for my all around mountain Crossmax.
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I'm 6'5", 90kgs.

186 Dynastar Speed Carves
177 1080s (first generation)
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186cm (6'1), 85kg (187lb):

K2 Axis X Pro: 188cm
Kastle GS Carvemachine: 190cm
Rossi 9X Pro 10.2: 191cm
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