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Twin Tip Advice pleeeasee (Armada ARV?)

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Hello, I was hoping I could get some advice from the knowledgeable people of this forum.

I am interested in a twin tip ski with a few exceptions. I spend much of my day on blue groomers carving turns at 40-50 mph. However I like the fun/backwards/airtime/powder skills of twintips.

I am 6'2" 185 lbs, 21 yrs old. I am advanced/expert skier always skiing in colorado. Like i said i do alot of groomers, therefore i would prefer more of a stiffer ski that is fun to bomb and carve with. I am always asking people what the best twin tip is for someone who likes to make fast, aggressive, gs turns down blues/blacks. (Obviously, many of my days turn out to be powder thx to colorado, and I enjoy moguls, off-piste trees, etc here and there also)

I own k2 merlin 4's from like 5/6 yrs ago, which i ski every day cuz my dad doesnt spoil me too bad. Now that I have my own money, I would like to retire these skis. I demo'd some salomon 1080 gun's in 185 cm and really liked them. I obviously haven't tried many different skis however, so I was hoping some of you could help me out. I thought they handled well at high speeds, etc while being lots of fun to spin around and go backwards.

Specifically I would appreciate insight on the Armada ARV. Armada claims this ski can handle the hardpack speed well, and I absolutely loveeeee the graphics. Any insight on these skis specifically would be greatly appreciated. I understand that there is really no win win for my situation, but compared to my k2 merlin's almost anything is a step up.

Please advise me and anyone else who likes groomer speed capability on a twin tip platform. Also any Armada ARV advice would be awesome! Thank you in advance for replies!

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Scratch BC is def. your choice! Really stiff and beefy skis that def. can cope with some speed on the groomed runs. I haven't tried the ARV but i can't think such a park-oriented Armada to be stiff...

When I use my BC on groomers it is allways big turns in the speeds u like so i think they will work pretty decent for you. And you get some extra mm for the pow if u go BC...

An other choice that is really stiff and supersweet on groomers is the Karma, so don't forget about that one, but it is alot narrower and therefore isn't as good in powder...
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Hahaha Scratch BC stiff, not making fun just funny. If you want an all mountain park ski you want something soft with a decent amount of sidecut. The ARV is a good tool for this type of resort riding. I myself own a couple of pairs of Armadas and have found them to be fantastic park skis. Tons of pop, nice flex points, low swing weight and pretty durable (120 days of hardcore park riding and zero problems). The ARV has the beefier edges (2.75 rockwell) which hold up nice on rails. The ARV is not the Jp vs Julien and certainly not the ANT. It is soft and therefore is not going to rip lines in manky backcountry snow. It will however handle groomers with ease, but a word of warning it is a soft park ski if you really get moving ( 60+ mph) it will get a little intresting. Overall it is an extremley versatile tool that is alot of fun to ride from a company that is super responsive to its customers. They sent a friend of mine replacement skis from just emailed pictures. The Scratch BC is a great ride as well, though the swing weight is a bit of a concern for park riding.
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Compare flex of ARV to Fujative?
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I can't i have never ridden a fuji, though I would imagine the ARV is a tad stiffer and would tend to need more effort to butter. It is definitly stiffer than the AR5 which I have ridden in waist deep powder in a pair of rossi soft boots, which was alot of work but no real problem.
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Originally Posted by comprex
Compare flex of ARV to Fujative?
The Fujative is one of the softest skis on the market. The ARV will be in the middle of the road in terms of stiffness.
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i just skiied switzerland wengen with my new armada arvs. and they are SO solid at high speeds. full speed down the blacks and they held beautifully. highly recommended. enjoy the beautiful ski that noone seems to have!

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I just bought some 08 Line Prophet 90's.  They are absolutely amazing.  My stats are almost the same as you, except im 205lb.  I needed a ski for exactly the same reason as you, I wanted a ski that will tear it up in the backcountry and still carve on the groomers great.  The first thing I noticed was how well they carve.  I can lean into them so hard and the hold an awesome edge,  And they also work great in powder around 1-1.5 feet and everything else except big moguls. But that could just be me as I hate mogles and suck at them too.  I believe the Prophets are stiffer then the Armada's and the bindings are mounted farther back.  I think you should get the Prophet's, and I think Al's Ski Barn still had one more pare left of the 08's which look way cooler then the 09's. 

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