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Skiing co, Apr 1st week?

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I am thinking about heading out for a few days of skiing. I will be staying in Boulder.. I am not sure how conditions are.. Its gotta be better than NE one would think.. Whats the general consensus and any location suggestions?..
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I'm headed out there on April 19th for a few days and am pretty sure conditions will still be fine. First week of April should be excellent.

In early April all of the mountains will still be open so you can pick and choose.

When I go out it'll be one day at Breck, one at A-Basin and two at Loveland or something like that.
Good luck!
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It's gonna be nice. You're fine.
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It's finally turned warm, although the storms are also rolling through and keeping the conditions pretty good.

I skied Breckenridge on Saturday and it was in the upper 40's. Lots of slush on the front side of the mountain, but the north facing high stuff was still relatively good.

Sunday morning skied Copper, and we got 3" of fresh in about an hour. Spaulding Bowl was pretty hard given the melting that had occured, but again North facing faces (like Buzzard's Alley) were quite good.

Sunday afternoon was A-Basin, where they did not receive the freshies that Copper did and the wind closed the upper lifts (including the Pali). Snow was hardpacked, but not as hardpacked as Copper (and presumably the other resorts with lower elevations that probably warmed more than the Basin).

I suspect the quality of your experience will depend on how warm it is and how much snow we get between now and your arrival. A bunch of storms are predicted for the remainder of this week, so it probably really depends on temps. We've got plenty of snow -- its just a question of whether it is corn, packed powder, or hardpack. Heh, but there is little better that 3" of corn on a blue bird day in Co, right?

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snow tonight, tomorrow and again on Wednesday and Thursday according to snowforecast.com

I'll be out again on Thursday after a week of great spring skiing at Crested Butte. North facing slopes have good snow and the west/south facing slopes soften up early afternoon, but too slushy down low. I love good spring corn.
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BC Powder

Officially 5" new Saturday night, but a lot deeper (shin deep) in spots at Beaver Creek..they groomed Golden Eagle (AKA Birds of Prey Downhill) the day before so it was smooth underneath..many face shots in the am..very light powder..the place was deserted..never really got skied out even though it was a Sunday (why I love BC)
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