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mt. creek gondola derails

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On 3/15/06 ... high wind derailed 4 cars no injuries.

Never made the paper ... or Vlad.
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They must have friends in high places as I looked all over for this story after hearing about it from a friend who was there at the time and found nothing.:
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i saw it in The Record

(jersey newspaper)
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A gondola at MC??? Since when? I haven't been to MC in ~ 8 years and never thought it was big enough for a gondola.
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Neither did I. I limit my time there to a race at Christmas and never, in at least the last 15 years, ventured from that one lift.

Sounded like a small 4 person type.
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It is more of a glorified freight elevator .

Glad no one was hurt.
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From the pictures I've seen it looks like that thing at The Canyons that gets you from the parking lot to the base. I hate that thing.
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its a "cabriolet" gondola in which eight people stand whilst holding their eqipment. It is uncomfortable to say the least. I'd much rather have a regular old quad so the ole legs can have a break....but an 8 person gondi gets twice as many up...just trying to keep the lines down I spose...makes for crowded slopes tho!
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here is the news from Bergen Record:

VERNON -- A ski lift at the Mountain Creek resort was knocked off its tracks Wednesday by a strong gust of wind, leaving 15 to 20 people dangling in cable cars for about an hour.

The skiers were traveling in four gondolas -- enclosed cars suspended from a cable -- to the top of a mountain trail around 10 a.m. when a gondola that was headed down the mountain derailed because of a strong gust of wind, halting the entire lift, said Shannon McSweeney, a spokeswoman for Mountain Creek.

McSweeney said she was informed around 11:05 a.m. that the downhill gondola was righted and that the lift was restarted to get the skiers to the top of the mountain. The lift was then closed while the state investigates the mishap.

She declined to say how far off the ground the gondolas were when they stopped moving.

"There was no danger to the guests who were on the lift at the time," McSweeney said. "They were just delayed, really."
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My question:
What chair did the Gondola replace? I could only relate from the GG/VV era.
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Vlad would know. I was wondering why a SF CA guy had MC knowledge.

Ya' Joy-Z roots are showing .... or Noo-Yawk???
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ha ha

I called GG/VV home since the 70's until one day I went to SLC and after that I never looked back.
Yup, a long time joysy resident, lived not far from Bergen Recond and a transplanted californian.
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I saw the article in the Star-Ledger.
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Originally Posted by northeasterner
A gondola at MC??? Since when? I haven't been to MC in ~ 8 years and never thought it was big enough for a gondola.
It's actually a Cabriolet, like an open air gondola, no seats, the skiers stand while holding thier skis. It was built more for mountain biking, since the bikes can be rolled right into the cars.
What happened was, with the high winds, a car on the downhill side went into the bottom bullwheel sideways and got jammed, a second car slammed into the first. It took 2 hours while they unloaded the people, and the lift manufacturer had to be called in the next day to straighten out or replace what got bent.
Luckily there where few passengers stuck, since it was a weekday. I also assumed from what I heard that a lift evac was done, but I might have misunderstood what the person meant when he told me the story, and they might have been offloaded.
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