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Buying skis - help!

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We are thinking of taking the plunge and buying our own skis. The man in our local shop took some time to explain what sort of thing we should buy, but we still end up with a range of possibilities that are all about the same price, and seem to be aimed at the same people.

On pure economics there doesn't seem much to choose between buying & hiring - we only ski 10-15 days a season.

So why should we buy? How do we choose what to buy?

Oh yes, and what are "ladies' skis"? Adverts say they are aimed at the 'lighter' skier but I weigh more than my husband....

p.s. if anyone's prepared to give a recommendation, we'd expect to spend about 300 sterling including bindings, we're currently 'intermediate' skiers mainly on groomed blue (red in Europe) runs but still improving quite quickly. I usually hire at 165cm, my husband 170cm
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The first question is do you have boots? If the answer to this is no then you and your hubby should really think about making that your first major ski hardware purchase.

Boots are the most important part of your kit and are responsible for transfering the force from you to the ski, if the boots do not fit or you are always having different ones (eg hiring) then it won't really matter what skis you are on.

Sorry this doesen't really answer your question but it is important to get all the info.

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We bought boots last year. That was an easier decisions as they cost less, are less of a hassle to carry and give an immediate benefit!
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Okay then, well then in my opinion the benefit of owning your own skis out weighs the negative aspect of having to fork out a large wad of cash and having to lug them around with you.

If you use the same gear all the time then you will get used to the feel rather than having to come to grips with a new pair of skis everytime you go. You will soon have forgotten the initial outlay and after that it is one less thing that you have to worry about.

As far as what to buy I am not going to give any advice on specific brands but all the major companies have a good range to fit your requirements so it may well be price that is the deciding factor.

If you have a look around and find some deals with specific skis then make a post on epicski you are bound to get tons of good advice.

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