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Help selecting a new board

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Hey everyone, I'm new to this forum but was looking for some insight with buying a new board. I've been skiing pretty much entire life but took 3 years off and started snowboarding 16-19 but have gone back to skiing again. I want to do both and am looking at all new snowboard gear since the end of the season sales are now.

I'm 5'10 160lbs (thinking a 159 or 160 board)
Was thinking about Burton Mission bindings
and Burton Jussi or Seven.
Boots i'll have to try on later (any suggestions are welcome)

Trying to keep the cost reasonably down cuz i just bought new ski stuff.

I'm just wondering if the Jussi would be too stiff for my skill level..i can make it down the mountain but havn't done any park stuff. (i'm starting to do park with skis and want to also with snowboard). I would like a medium flex that would be really fun but still be able to cruise the rest of the mountain. Is the seven also too soft? I'm on the east coast so i'm not sure if i can get away with a 154 or 156 board.

Thanks for your replies and help.
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why would you want to buy a strictly freestyle snowboard if you dont ride freestyle? and why the infatuation with burton?
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burton charges alot of money for an average product and a popular name

what is peoples obsession thinking that those 6 letters will make them be a better rider
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I dont' care, i just have read people have liked the seven cuz it's flexible. But i was looking into the Never Summers that other people have been raving about. I also like the burton toe cap system idea.
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