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Why can't edit older posts?

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Why is the edit button disabled for older posts...even only a few days old... ?? I wanted to edit a few confusing words from one of my posts and could not..the edit button is removed from that particular post, though it is present in the newer posts. I also wanted to update my credentials the other day and was not able to edit my post there either. It seems this forum engine disables editing after some period of time?
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dewdman42, yes, editing of posts is disabled after 60 minutes. The challenge with editing of older posts is that doing so often changes the flow of a thread. If you absolutely need to have an older post edited, you may PM any of the moderators to edit it.
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I posted this in the thread in question as well... We just changed that feature, shortening the edit time to an hour. ssh can tell you more about why, but essentially it was severely disrupting the flow of threads in many cases.

If you look at it this way; if you changed what you said in the angulation thread, while just semantics, it would negate a lot of the discussion that followed. Ultimately, the statement was cleared up as it was not intended to be a blanket statement. If you changed it now, the discussion would become rather confusing because there would be 10+ posts all in a row discussing something that didn't exist in your original post. This would apply to all threads/posts, so don't think I was just making an example of yours in particular.


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Beat me to it.
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Yea..well it sucks if it gets out of hand I guess...but in my case there was a long post I made with a lot of great info, much of which got us off on a huge tangent simply because of one sentence I made that, though colorful that it was...was also an absolute-ism which needed to be phrased slightly differently to get back to the subject and also...so that in the future if anyone ever does a search and reads that thread they will get better information...rather than reading through a long list of follow up debating which quickly went way off the original topic. Is this worth asking a moderator to edit? No...I'll leave my colorful exergations in there just fine. Most people can see beyond stuff like that to get the overall meaning of a post. Exagerations are something that we ski instructors do all day long, to over-emphasize a point. I don't see a problem with it. The problem is really that there are certain un-named individuals which will key in on those things and use them as a platform to debate..which completely destroys effective discussion. So I would prefer to be able to tweak the specific exaggerations out as needed.

The credentials thread I reckon will always need people to be able to tweak over time as their credentials change. I'll PM about how to change mine.
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I'm happy to change sentence like that, too. I understand. But, believe me, the other way was really getting out of hand. And it an easy way to really mess up threads, intentionally or not!
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Dewd, in your case it probably is not a huge issue to leave it. Honestly, when I read the post originally that statement did not jump out at me and negate all of the good things you did say, so you're right about not really needing to edit that badly. The credentials thread would have been an issue even with the old system, so hat will have to remain in the hands of one of the, now abundant, moderators.
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Originally Posted by dewdman42
Yea..well it sucks if it gets out of hand I guess...
It was getting out of hand.
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If you guys are going to say it was getting out of hand, why not just give specific examples?

This is the kind of thing that strikes me as a change that could a) be discussed prior to instituting or b) at least announced at or prior to the time it is made. People who use the board expect certain behaviors based on experience with the system and the community (and some of us would like some of the old ones back ) In an instance like this, it seems to me that if someone gets a reputation for weird edits that people will either do "post preserver" quotes or just dump out of threads when said person posts -- an omen in its own right.

Seriously, I understand the kinds of hassles you guys deal with, but the more you make changes to the place without discussion &/or clear announcement and explanation the less it feels like a community and the more it feels like the moderator's sandbox. Just my .02...
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I posted on another thread that I like to go back every two weeks or so and delete all superfluous and arcane material which I'd posted, whioch has lost it's salience over in the ensuing week(s).
I do this in the interest of bandwidth conservation.
for instance, "Brokeback Mountain" jokes were the order of the day about three weeks to a month ago, and now they are less-than germaine. If I posted any, I later shitcan 'em. same with photos, etc.
It's kinda good for bandwidth to allow posters to go back and remove 'old news' material...
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spindrift, I see your point. And, in most cases, I think that you'll agree that we do this. In some cases, however, the issues are clear and further discussion seems to me to have limited potential for positive outcomes--and substantial potential for becoming a tempest in a teapot. This is one of those times.

It had been discussed in the past, prior to the most recent vBulletin upgrade. In fact, I think that the default changed at that point, and the time was lengthened substantially. I thought all I was doing was bringing it more in-line with historical norms. It's certainly more in line with most Internet forums.
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Originally Posted by vlad
It's kinda good for bandwidth to allow posters to go back and remove 'old news' material...
Of course, this assumes that information on the threads is intended to be temporary and of limited long-term value. I prefer to view EpicSki as a place where content is of value currently, but also of value over the long-term as people search for and read older threads.

Perhaps this is a unique characteristic of EpicSki. Regardless, it is a goal that we have to create a foundation of valuable threads and insights that will provide useful information to skiers and snowboarders who come here or just search on Google.

This, in my mind, is part of the "signal to noise" ratio idea. I much prefer more posts that have real educational value and fewer that are just inane. Although there are some threads that are especially suitable for the latter, most threads are far better off leaving that stuff out of them.
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If a post doesn't have value in 1..2..5 months, it didn't have value in the first place. If we run into a badwidth issue...we will let you know.

Removing posts changes the flow of a thread. If someone goes back to read it and there is a break in the flow..sometimes to doesn't make sense if someone else pulls it up later. Watching where "guests" are and what thread they are viewing..it is not uncommon to see someone viewing a thread that hasn't been active to us "regulars" for a while.
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