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Rossi T-Power Cobra S question

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As far as I know, this ski is out again this year under a different name and paint job.

Is it the Cobra X?

The Viper Something?

Anyone know?
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I can guaruntee you that it is not the Cobra X, and as far as i know it is not the Viper S either, i will know for sure at the end of the week, but i own a pair, and they are absolutely i dentical (dualtech 2000 and everything). They also flex like my previous seasons vipers did. It was rumored last seasont hat the viper as we know it would be done away with, but im not convinced of it yet, i would love to find out though. the Cobra X is just an updated version of last years cobra X... as for the t-power cobra from last season i dont knwo what has become of it... I'll know more for sure by friday or sunday. I'll get back to you
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This year's T-Power Cobra X is barely a cousin of last year's T-Power Cobra X - this year it's wider and more flexible, and only the name is the same. Last year's T-Power Cobra X is supposedly renamed one or another T-Power Viper, and yes . . . the plan was to eliminate last year's Viper. As soon as anyone has a definitive answer, I'll be itching to know.

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maybe if I can remember to remember, I can call rossi...
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Tomorrow, i promise [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Hey i have your answer, i went straight to a shop yesterday and asked one of the guys there that deals directyly with rossi on a regular basis, and he said that last years T-power Cobra is no longer in existence and that the T-power viper is the same exact ski as it was last year, accept it has bright orange side walls. he also gave me this years and last years ski to flex to see for myself and they were identicle. So theres your answer!!
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Interesting! Last year, Rossi told me that it was the last year's Viper that would be out of the line up, and that last year's Cobra X would be this year's Viper. Hmmm. Gotta ask again but, you know, you may ne right - Rossi does like to change things!

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I called rossi and got told that the cobra s was a canadian model ski.

so I called canada and they didn't know anything about it at first, then they decided that it was one of those limited run models that had a different name because they were originally selling it in a different country where the "cobra s name would have been a problem. Of course, it sounded a bit like the guy was making it up as he went along...

no matter how you slice it, my skis are so rare that the factory isn't quite certain where they came from.

what that means in a practical sense, who the heck knows...
I mean, are they a collectors item?

Doesn't really matter I suppose...I bought them for skiing, not shelf hanging.
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Manufacturers do market different skis in different countries. Go HERE to see the Cobra S for this year. It is on Rossi's ENGLAND site, and may be marketed in other european countries as well. edit: it seems to be marketed everywhere BUT the U.S.!

Damn that was a tough link to post.

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the link was well appreciated and worth the trouble. Thanks for adding that, because it could be that the cobra s is in prodution but isnt being touted as one of the "big" skis fo the company, which doesnt make sense after its success last year, but companies do strange things. I did notice that the dimensions of this ski were still the 107 70 97 or whatever they are, but they are wide, either way.
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