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Wear the fox hat

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Happy birthday!
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Whooo-hooo! Celebration, man! Happy Happy!
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Happy Birthday!!!!
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Where the Fox is he?
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You don't think he'd be hanging here on his birthday, do you?

When you pop back in, Fox, many happy returns!
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Wherever he is, he has Birthday Steez.

Cheers, Stewart!:
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Happy Birthday Stewart. Of course by now in London it's after your birthday - but as long as the pubs or some after-hours place is still open and you're still drinking, you're still celebrating.

I just hoisted a Bailey's in your honor. I think you deserve several more. After that I'll switch to the local brew.
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Stewart, may you bring me more ten year old Bushmill and have many, many happy birthdays, or, don't bring the Bushmill and the devil take you!

But seriously, old chum, have a happy birthday and get back home safely anyway.
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Originally Posted by Bonni
Wherever he is, he has Birthday Steez.

Cheers, Stewart!:
What is birthday steez? They have that in the UK? Happy Birthday anyway.
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When you're sober enough to read again, Stewart, happy celebrating.
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Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY and many more!
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Thanks guys!

I've a sore head, it's 6am, and I'm off to the airport for another week of hard workd in France...
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