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Ski Till You Die

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This is a strange one.:

how old will you be?
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October 4, 2047. I'll be 93. I'll take it.
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march 18 ,2007
I guess I'd better get to all those places I've never been

I'll let you all know on the 19th one way or the other.
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2/12/43. Do I really have to wait that long? What if I die sooner? what then?
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"Remember, if you don't do it this year, you'll be one year older when you do." -Warren Miller
That takes on a whole new meaning :
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June 29th 2022. I'll be 61 then. I kind of think that's a little too young for me to die!! :-( My mom is 77, and my dad is 78. They are still very healthy. My dad came Third in the golf tournament a few days ago, and he is an expert skier. It's not right that I should die so young!!! :-/
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9/20/2082. Wow I'll be old then. 90something.
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Originally Posted by Jtran10
9/20/2082. Wow I'll be old then. 90something.
I'll be 74 and hopefully still skiing . Monday, July 6, 2065
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Hmmmmm, corporate server won't let me in. It says something about "tasteless".

yeah, so?

I'll have to try from home.
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Sunday, October 25, 2043 ...hmmm

kinda creepy website...though it shows me making 79. not all that bad, though if i go that far, i certainly wanna clear 80.

it also looks unlikely i'll get any turns that season in unless i spend my birthday (august) in chile :
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I first made myself out to be a sadist. In that case, I've already been dead for 14 years. Therefore I must actually be just a pessimist. That actually gives me 4 more years to live in blissful obesity. Sweet. :
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Apparently at 6 feet tall, 190 pounds and 6% bodyfat, i'm overweight. I'm lowering the amount that i'm saving for retirement.
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Guys, change your attitude - it "adds" about 30 years to your life. I am wondering if I can use this in my law practice to calculate life expectency for annuities? "Yes, Mr. Smith, allow me to show you how we arrived at your structured payment schedule...."
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Mine says October 26th, 2081.

that would be 98 years old. and sdaly all other bear will be goen except for me and Jtran, who i suspect is near my age. I guess me and him will be the stubburn old board memeber then.

As long as I can still ski powder when I am that old I think I ill be fine.
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Originally Posted by zion zig zag
Apparently at 6 feet tall, 190 pounds and 6% bodyfat, i'm overweight. I'm lowering the amount that i'm saving for retirement.
Yeah, BMI is a tricky thing. BMI is a pretty good indicator of longevity, and it doesn't really matter what your BF content is. If you have a BMI of 28, your longevity decreases irregardless of you BF content. You could have 5% BF, and you're certainly more healthy than if you had 30% BF, but your longevity goes down as your BMI goes up. It has to do with how hard your system (primarily the vascular system) has to work to support the added mass. Another consideration is that those who have a higher BMI, even with a low BF content, have a higher propensity to pack on the pounds later in life, when it really counts.

The problem I have with the BMI is their classification. You are definitely not over weight at 6% BF. Some years ago, I had to do a physical for a health and life insurance policy. I was a professional athlete earlier in my career, and I was still competing at the national level when I had to take this physical. Admittedly, I went a little overboard with my weight routine and "supplement" regimen, and when I got my results, they determined that I was borderline 4% bf. Go figure.
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day, April 3, 2061 Sunday, April 3, 2061

99 years old? It also says that I break a hip getting out of the gondola, and I tumble down a coulior, over some rocks, and land on a group of snowboarders sitting in the snow smoking some weed. At least I take three of them with me. I would have lived to 127 years old without this little mishap.
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Wow. I'm obese and yet I'll still live until 2 months before my 92nd birthday.


Maybe the site already factored in that I'll have been taking Sanofi's new anti-obesity drug for a couple of decades by then....
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Well, I'm 57, 168lb and 5ft 10" - and it says I'm already dead!!!!! Why didn't anyone tell me.
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Ok I've got some bad news. I died 7 years ago.:
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Saturday, Nov. 22, 2053. I'll be 87. I can easily make 90 in my mind as I am about 15 lbs overweight. Although, if I go a year earlier I'll be 86 . I kind of like that...
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Monday, March 30, 2037
Seconds left to live...

74 yrs old . . . gee, my grandparents all were older than 89 when they died, and I still have a grandmother at 95 still living. This doesn't sound right!:

BTW for Sh_ts & Giggles I placed my mode at Sadistic, and I am supposed to die today!?:
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Monday March 24, 2025, I'll be 93. I am 74 now so this gives me 19 more years.

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Originally Posted by Ott Gangl
Monday March 24, 2025, I'll be 93. I am 74 now so this gives me 19 more years.
Plus you'll get your money's worth out of your 2024-2025 season pass!
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Mine said I get to live until I'm 96.
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This thing hasn't factored in the basic fact that each year you survive, your life expectancy goes up.
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Sunday Oct 1 2051.

Hey Cousin Johnny, Joey and I are going to miss you!
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March 27, 2050. That sucks! 2 days before my 84th b-day. Oh well, like jrbd said to Ott, I'll get all of the 2050 season in. Maybe I'll book a late March heli skiing trip and ski myself off something fun.

Hey, I know, I'll beat Jamie Pierre's record and lawn-dart myself off a 600 footer! What a way to go.

Okay. weird. I did it again and raised my BMI from <25 to 30 and now I'm going to live to 2063 - 97 years old. But then I just hit it again, leaving everything the same, and it took 10 years off me.
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