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Stowe 03/25

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Hadn't skied in like 3 weeks. College Hoops played a roll, Big East Tourney in NYC. Last weekend was crap so I passed. The problem is been working HARD, I need a reliever the time is now. Stowe and Jay have been getting the goods. Where to go, who to go with. Lots of chattering all week, including some trash talking on this board that got me scolded. Anyhow the call is made, Stowe is going to be hit on saturday. The players involved are my Daughter, Myself, Buckethead, Alpinista and his daughter. After work on friday my neighbor just got back from Jay and said it softened up. Thats fine, as long as it softens up again after setting up over night.

Late friday night Alpinista Calls me he is stuck in Chicago. He was in Seattle for business. Something to do with canceled flights, spring break and college hoops. So we are down two. They would definately improve the day but we had to trudge on.

So we head up late on saturday knowing the snow will take time to soften. Mansfield is in a cloud at the top and buying my ticket some guy is complaining about visibility. Luckily we see Bucket in, what is a huge line at the quad and head up. We head down to liftline and look at Goat but decide for first run lets test the snow conditions. We ski liftline and national and it was horrible, still setup not soft yet. Considering that and the line at the quad we head for the gondola.

The gondola has a line but not nearly as bad and we head up. We are sad to see chin clip is closed so we head down under the gondola and jump in the woods skiers left and try to work our way over to chin clip. The snow in the woods was NICE and the line technical but fun




We enjoyed this run lots and as we got lower the trees opened up and got sticky but fun.

Back up again and this time we traverse left to the large bowl of trees inbetween the gondola and mansfield proper. Sweet snow in here and fun lines.


We skied down and my daughter needed sustenance, Bucket took a run and my daughter and I had a impromptu picknic in the snow at the bottom. We are done and head back to the gondola. Chin Clip is now open and fun big fat soft bumps, make a mistake and blast through the next bump



After three glorious laps on chin clip we head back to the quad. My battery is dead on my camera so no more pics but we do two laps on goat which are sweet. No more line on the quad. Finally last run we head up and hit starr which is technical and icy at the top but soft the rest of the way. Basically a blast of a ski day nice and soft most of the day. It got mushy though and the base will suffer. I had no skied Stowe like this in a while and the goods are there to get for an expert, highly recomended.

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Glad to hear you had a good day. I was at jay and it softened up pretty nice but it was a little crusty in the woods...snowed all day long but in a form that resembled snow melt salt balls. Skied Whiteface today and found quicksand like slush and left after only a few runs. I spose I should have just stayed in vermont!
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Nice report, Alfonse. I like that picture of your daughter and Buckethead in the woods. Amuses me that a lot of us -- okay, maybe just me -- would be stressing out about dealing with the technical terrain, but your daughter's got a big grin on her face. Guess she takes after her old man.

Great shot of Bucket in the bumps, too.
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Awesome pictures.
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