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best skis for returning petite skier - help wanted!

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After several years away from skiing I recently started again and am eager to get some new skis so I don't have to stand in the rental lines. My daughter has recently started skiing and we have friends with a ski house in Tahoe that they've offered to let us use whenever we want, so I think it's time to jump back in the snow. It's too late in the season to demo any women's skis, and I'd also like to take advantage of end of season sales. I used to be a confident intermediate/advanced skier,skiing all blue and some black diamond runs. I would say the closest skill description is level 7. I like to be able to ski all over the mountain, including powder. I'd like to take some more lessons to learn to ski using newer ski methods but generally I'm pretty coordinated. I primarily ski in Tahoe but occasionally do trips to Aspen. I'm 5'2, 120 lb and fairly fit, and I used to ski in 170 straight skis. The skis I rented recently were 153 cm unisex K2 skis and felt fine, although a little heavy. I've been considering some of the following options, mainly because they are bargains. If anyone on the list has appropriate skis, I'm also open to used skis:

158 cm 2006 Rossignol Bandit B2's: used one weekend, look clean, seller switched to park skis. These are on craigslist and the seller is nearby, so I could go look at them. Selling for $150 w/o bindings. My only concern is whether they would be too long and/or too advanced for me.

153 cm K2 T9 Tru Luv skis: $399 including integrated bindings.

148 cm Atomic Balanze B11: $339 These skis are on www.overstock.com, and they can't seem to tell me if they are 2005 or 2006 model, or what the bindings are.

Any thoughts?
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I saw a reference posted to this site and the prices look go: www.sierrasnowboard.com
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new nobis/big (dynastar) on ebay for $200ish
also Fat loves (k2) new for similar.

Tahoe is good soft snow, go fatter for more powder fun
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Check out Dynastar's women's skis. The French tend to build skis that works for lighter skiers, and the women's line from Dynastar is quite good. My girl friend uses them and loves them. You may also find luck with Elan, but they can get pricey quite fast for some reason. While a wider ski might be good for you, I would not go over 75mm at the waist. Your weight will realy not require that you have a hugely wide ski, and since you are skiing mostly blue's and blacks you are going to be on groomers usually anyway. Something with a 75mm waist will not hinder your powder skiing unless you are consistently skiing fresh lines, which usually requires going to black/double black terrain. The narrower waist will also let you increase your core skiing skills faster than a wider waist, which would be difficult to carve, etc.
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My vote is Atomic Balance B-11. I got a pair of these up at Whistler at the clearance center. They come with Atomic bindings.
They are from last year and are incrediable skis. As well as really great looking.
They are the Mehon ski for woman. Great all around ski with better balance when going at higher speeds.
I started skiing again this year after a few tries 4 years ago. I have progressed very quickly with these skis. All the instructors at Crystal, that I've had taking all day classes have commented on what good skis they are.
They are light and very easy to handle on & off. The overstock price is what I got them for.
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Thanks for all the advice. And the winner is, a pair of 149 cm Volkl 724 EXS Gamma Motion used demo skis from evogear. I'm sure they won't be pretty, since they are only $125 (with free shipping and bindings), but I talked to the guys at evogear and they said that there are no serious flaws. I figure I can ski on these until I get my ski legs back, and then maybe buy something nicer if we are skiing enough to justify it. It's always good to have something around to ski on in spring slush in case I hit a rock, and the reviews look like they will be good for someone at my level.
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