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Favorite Fat Ski?

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I was just wondering, since Fats seem to be the rage, what everyone's favorite Fatty might be? Also, giving a justification for your selection would be of interest.

I would have to say that my new Atomic 10.EX's (191's) would be my fav's, due to the fact that I don't need to bring another pair of boards to the mountain as they are so versatile.
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I like the 10ex for their versatility also.

My favorite fat is a not so versatile board and that's one of the reasons why I love it. If I'm skiing it, the day is a deep one!

In it's element no production ski can match it for my taste. Hand made, sidewall construction, best ptex available, stiff, no speed limit and the only fat to come in a 201. Stockli Asteroid
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The AK Launcher. I have skied it in all sorts of conditions, and it has never let me down. It is a snappy fun ski. It may not have as much beef as the XXX, 10EX, or G4, but it does fine without it, even on hard snow, and bumps. If only the twin tip version, the AK Enemy came in a shorter length than 188. There is a mid season K2 coming out, that is 80 underfoot, has metal layers, more shape, and will be available in more sizes. Not really a true fat, but I am looking forward to it.
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XXX but definately not the Head Monster Cross.
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I am looking into buying some fats this season and was wondering if anyone has any info on the Fischer Big Stick 84? I have my modx for my everyday ski this would be my powder ski.I am still looking at others like the AK Luncher,The Chubb and the Bandit xxx.
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Reasearch Dynamics Helidog III.
Hahaha, one of these things weighs about as much as a pair of AK launchers. Hehehehehehe. well, maybe exaggerating a little, but they are BEEFY! and pink.

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if you're buying it for a powder ski, why not get the fischer Big Stix 106?
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Powdigger,what´s so wrong about the monstercross?
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How can the Monster Cross NOT be an amazing ski??? Wood core with X-frame tech (moves mass to the edges for better grip), 2 sheets of titanium, a 117-85-107 sidecut. Many top freeskiers also use this ski - Rex Wehrman, Chris Eby, Jonny Chilton, Chris Winter, Per Gustafsson, etc... Plus the Super Cross Ti is a rippin ski (I've actually skied that one and it has the same construction as the Monster).

Lots of people never give a thought to Head skis, instead only going to the usual suspects (Atomic, Salomon, K2, Rossignol, etc..), but the truth is Heads are most likely the most underrated ski out there (Fischer is also severely underrated, and they're excellent skis from what I've heard too).
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Mike B & mc,

The Monster Cross was way to much ski for me. If I had to make one run down KT22 or the like then sure they are a great ski. However, lets face it I am a weekend warrior and those babies want to be ridden at Mach 2 all the time. They like wide open spaces and big a$$ turns. I did not like them in tight places or the bumps. Heck I don't even think I turned them in the bumps I just bashed them in to bits. Pro Freeriders like them for a reason, they are pros with the legs and the skills to match.

For me the Bandit XXX(a much softer ski) is better. Quicker feeling, float is great and will not spank you after a long day. Alright, Pierre eh stop snickering I know . . I know . . . p@$$y ski!!!

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Pierre asked me to point out that his favorite fatties are the Volant Chubbs.

Me, I prefer the Ig.s, since that's what I have! :
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Aight Pow, I'll agree with you there for sure. The Heads are A LOT of ski, I know the SuperCross Ti's need to be ridden really hard and fast all the time - but if you do you'll be rewarded greatly. I guess they're not for everyone, same goes for Stocklis.
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ridge hiker,
If I was only going to use it in deep snow then the Big Stick 106.would be a consideration.The truth is I am looking for something wide but more versitle.Something with good float but still not a pain in a$$ on groomed runs.I have my K2 modx for my everyday ski.That new K2,that Spinheli was talking about sounds interesting.Sinheli if you read this could you pass on more info? At this point from all i have read The Chubb and Stick 84 Both sound like the type of fat ski I would be happy with.Like a lot of things my selection might come down to what kind of a deal I can find at the ski swap or ebay.
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