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Any College Basketball Fans Here?

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I'm surprised that there are no threads here celebrating/bemoaning the fates of their favorite college teams during March Madness. I am from Washington so I'm hurting over the cliffhanger losses of GU and UW. I am an alum of GU so I'm hurting a lot more over that loss. I actually cried after that game and spent yesterday in a depressed funk over it that skiing could barely dissipate.

Anyone want to comiserate/celebrate about the great successes and tragic outcomes of our teams?
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Sorry for you loss, NO!
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I am a fan of College Basketball. No specific team, just the entire tournament. I was sick for the Zags in the way they lost that game. I coached high school ball for 12 years and I know the feeling after losing a game like that. But I never lost one on that type of stage! Ouch!! I thought Washington had that game locked up. I don't know the guard's name for Washington, but he got the short end of the stick on that double tech call! I was not happy! I have never been a big UCONN fan, but last night sealed the deal for me. My brackets are already a mess, so I hope George Mason can take them out! Go George Mason!!Chrisfish
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My bracket is kiling me. My final four is *Duke, *Boston College, UCLA, and UConn. Looks like I won't be winning much money...

But, being from Syracuse I was incredibly PO'd at the Orange's loss to Texas A&M.
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My final four was Texas, UCLA, UCONN and BC. I have UCONN and Texas in the final game and UCONN winning it all. Yes, last night I was hoping Washington would win. I don't like UCONN!Chrisfish
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I was with the Zags from their terrific showing at the Maui Invitational through the end. What an exciting ride it has been. Though they lost in a miserable fashion Thursday night, I give props to UCLA for the comeback of the year and have great respect for my home team for their heroic efforts. It would be difficult for me to single out one player, even A Morrison, for special mention. It was a TEAM that did it, not one guy.

Still, Adam Morrison is pretty special. I hope and pray he does not go pro and returns for his senior year so we can have another run like last year's.
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What are your thoughts on why Syracuse lost? Emotional let down? Tired from playing 4 the previous week? Big East Tournament too close to the NCAA's? I am curious because as the "mid-majors" close the gap, the "majors" should realize there teams are not as fresh as the teams that haven't played in over a week. Just a thought.Chrisfish
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I agree ...

The Zags had a very good team. A Morrison is a special player. The entire team played well enough for them to win. UCLA did a superb job of not giving in when they could have thrown in the towel. I was still hoping Coach Few could get them to the Final Four. If Few makes a couple of calls and he finds out Morrison is going to be a lottery pick, I have a bad feeling you won't be seeing him in a Zags uni next year. Chrisfish
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Morrison will be a lottery pick, no doubt about that. My dream scenario is Few and Morrison have a tete a tete and mutually decide to return for another year. Some have said that being a Type-I diabetic may weigh in favor of AM going pro next year, since the disease can chip away at a person's sight, peripheral vascular system, etc., and Adam needs to live fast. Whatever he decides, I will support him. It's for selfish reasons that I want him to continue his senior year.
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I understand that completely! His health will probably weigh in on how he decides. Let's just say he does go. They are still going to have plenty of horses in the fold aren't they? I know, you can't replace Morrison, but Few always seems to reload.
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They will indeed be back with a slightly changed cast and maybe a stronger team. Whatever happens is okay. That's athletics.

Last year my daughter played guard on a high school team that went to the state championship and lost in the quarter final. She graduated, went on scholarship to a community college in Washington, blew her ACL in a Thanksgiving tourney and is now rehabbing and weighing her next move. That accident deflected my fan passion to Gonzaga and got me hooked on NCAA men's basketball. I've been watching NCAA women for years, of course, sharing domicile with a player.

I don't know if I can enjoy NBA b-ball like I enjoy the college game, even if Morrison plays.
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I can promise you that you will probably never enjoy the NBA like the college game. The heart is missing in the NBA.
It has been replaced by $$! I try and watch. They are GREAT athletes, but the games become very stagnant with fans who seem to be on prozac! That is why March Madness is the best sports tournament on the planet year in and year out! (Note to all WC soccer fans, I said year in and year out!)


P.S. Best wishes to your daughter. That is a tough situation. How is the rehab going?
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She's doing very well since surgery 12/29. Her orthopedist is one of the Bulldogs' team physicians--only the best for my baby--she's been waiting for him to come home from the tournament for her final checkup, hoping to get the green light to begin scrimmaging with the team. Thanks for asking!
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LSU looking very good right now! But, it is still only the first half.
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I'm a Florida Gator Alum and last nights win over Georgetown was sweet.
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It is halftime. Tie game between LSU and Texas. Thomas, for LSU, that guy is a beast! He can flat out fly! LSU started real shaky but it looks like Texas is surprised LSU hasn't wilted. LSU can't shoot from outside, but so what when you have what they do up front.

Noodler, Noah is playing like a beast right now! Good luck tomorrow against Nova!


Nolo, is your daughter considering a jump to D-1 or just trying to make it back?
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LSu is in the Final Four! Now my brackets are really messed up! I am already missing Texas and BC and we have only played one elite eight game!

For all you SEC fans: why is it that if Kentucky has a great season the SEC is tough. If they don't have a good season the SEC is not so good that year? They already have LSU in the Final Four and Floriday could make it two teams in. Go figure, that's why it is March Madness!
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UCLA vs. Memphis ...

There are more turnovers in this game than in some bakeries! I haven't seen suchs sloppy ball since I coached middle school! Yikes!
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UCLA played less badly than Memphis to win, I heard the sports announcer say. Yikes indeed.

Chris, my daughter probably won't play Division I, but she could do well in NAIA or Division II.
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Proud grad of Memphis State University. Why they changed the name to University of Memphis I'll never know. This will date me, but I was there for the 1973 NCAA game.

Behind them all the way, but reality is, if you only score 45 points in an NCAA Regional final you deserve to lose. Possibly the most poorly played basketball game I've ever seen. TWAS FUGLY. It was like the tournament needed some comic relief.
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Here's a well done homemade Gonzaga season highlights video for your viewing pleasure: http://home.comcast.net/~gbscience/gu06.wmv
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Very cool video. I agree with the concept about Memphis. 45 points and you don't deserve to advance. The problem I had with Memphis was this: When they did run a play, (which wasn't often enough), it was the same set to the same side. I think UCLA fell for it twice. I know why Calipari gets the guys he gets. He promises them that he will not limit their creativity. I don't disagree with that except when you play a team as disciplined as Howland's teams are you better have something to do when plan "A" backfires! When there are as many turnovers as you have points things just are not going good! I just thought Calipari should have reigned them in and killed the break. Swing the ball, drive, pentatrate, kick out ... you know. Oh well, Two more today! Go Nova and go UCONN. (OR else my bracket will really be shot!

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Gators going to the final four - woo hoo! Looks like we'll have to take out the cinderella team this year.
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How are your brackets now, baby?
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Go Gators!
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go ...


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dang, no TIGER fans!!!!! Underdog, LSU wins another one! Final 4 bound.
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I like LSU to win, ragin'.
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Thanks, nolo,
We watched the UCLA-Memphis game right after the LSU win. Everyone was hoping UCLA would win..we rather have to go up against the offense of UCLA than Memphis. LSU is a young team with very little tournament play over the years. They play well as a team, very but start off VERY slow the first 5 minutes of every game. They can't afford to give anyone in the final 4 an 8-10pts lead in the 1st period.
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Originally Posted by chrisfish

Seconded on the Patriots! (Anyone reading this who also has read my bashing of the New England version in the various football discussions, I am only a fan of the GMU version!) I lived just a few miles down the road from the GMU campus when I lived in Virginia (back in the 90s), so I'm going with them being the home-town team.

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